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The Rosalind Franklin Papers

Biographical Information: Visuals

[Rosalind Franklin mountain climbing in Norway]. [ca. 1940s].
Background Narrative Documents
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Metadata Record [Rosalind Franklin at age 3]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. [ca. 1923]. jpg (133,209 Bytes)
[Rosalind Franklin at age 3]. [ca. 1923].
Metadata Record Head, Dora. [Rosalind Franklin with sister Jenifer]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. [ca. 1930]. jpg (232,859 Bytes)
[Rosalind Franklin with sister Jenifer]. [ca. 1930].
Metadata Record [Rosalind Franklin with siblings]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. [ca. 1932]. jpg (99,332 Bytes)
[Rosalind Franklin with siblings]. [ca. 1932].
Metadata Record [Rosalind Franklin mountain climbing in Norway]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. [ca. 1940s]. jpg (179,568 Bytes)
[Rosalind Franklin mountain climbing in Norway]. [ca. 1940s].