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The Linus Pauling Papers

Promoting Vitamin C: Visuals

[Linus Pauling in his office]. 1979.
Background Narrative Documents
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Metadata Record Clark, Floyd. [Linus Pauling and Max Delbruck]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. 1976. jpg (204,398 Bytes)
[Linus Pauling and Max Delbruck]. 1976.
Metadata Record [Linus Pauling in his office]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. 1979. jpg (193,392 Bytes)
[Linus Pauling in his office]. 1979.
Metadata Record Morrison, Terry. [Linus Pauling]. Photographic Print. 1 Image. 1987. jpg (134,428 Bytes)
[Linus Pauling]. 1987.