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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Barbara Atwood to Joshua Lederberg pdf (194,703 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Barbara Atwood to Joshua Lederberg
Item is handwritten.
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Atwood, Barbara
Lederberg, Joshua
Reproduced with permission of Barbara Atwood.
Lederberg Grouping: Correspondence B
Box Number: 6
Folder Number: 102
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
SubSeries: 1947-1953
Folder: Atwood, Kimball
Tuesday p.m.--
While baby-sitting
Dear Josh:
Sorry you and Esther didn't get around to coming here last Sunday night. I had many questions to ask for which I can't remember many of now! Also--I'd better explain that I'm writing this because last night Kim didn't get home until 9 p.m. and went right to bed after he'd eaten--so he didn't write the promised letter to you. I said I'd do it--and try to make some sense at what he wants to say.
In the first place, he and Keston are very anxious to have stocks of riboflavin in Neurospora. If there is more than one mutant, please, and if they may have any stocks will you send them as soon as possible to Dr. A.S. Keston, Bellevue Hosp.--Psychiatric Division, First Ave. and 29th St., NYC. And many thanks in advance.
Now, about the fellowships and/or work KCA might do there--at Yale, I mean. In the first place, unless Dr. Tatum would be at Yale on a Sunday, it would be and is, completely impossible for Kim to get to New Haven to see him. You have some idea of his schedule and you must realize that he can't possibly get a day off during the week. And his Sundays are only every other one, also. (All this is until the end of June, anyway--and after that I should think would be too late.)
I realize this isn't usually done--but I'd like to suggest that if Tatum is going to be in town anytime soon, maybe he'd come here--he could have dinner with us and he and Kim could talk all they wanted. But I don't suggest he come to New York just to see Kim--but just if he is going to be here anyhow. Perhaps he wouldn't mind if he realizes the possibility of
Kim's getting to New Haven before it's too late is so [ . . . ].
As for fellowships--we really need a decent one. I don't suppose most Universities would not grant one if they thought the applicant had lots of money anyhow--but in case Yale does. I don't want you to get us wrong! My not working, and this apartment and the [ . . . ], and a few other things have made great gaps in our income--and our capital--and if both Yale and St. Louis offer KCA fellowships we may have to go wherever the larger one is. Also--where will we live in New Haven!? Or St. Louis for that matter.
This undoubtedly is not much of what KCA would say--should he take the time and effort (and for him the effort is great, therefore the time!) to write for himself. But at least you know
we are interested--and what does he do now--write to Tatum, or what? Will you let us know how the [ . . . ]?
Hope you can decipher these fly tracks. Florence [ . . . ] always used to contend that the brighter a person was the worse his script was--which should make me a genius of some sort!
Love from us 3 to the Lederbergs 2--
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