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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Michael Doudoroff to Joshua Lederberg pdf (125,633 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Michael Doudoroff to Joshua Lederberg
Item is handwritten.
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1948-12-13 (December 13, 1948)
Doudoroff, Michael
Lederberg, Joshua
Reproduced with permission of Michael John Doudoroff.
Lederberg Grouping: Correspondence B
Box Number: 6
Folder Number: 216
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
SubSeries: 1947-1953
Folder: Doudoroff, Michael
Dec. 13, 1948
Dear Josh,
I am sorry to say that this summer there will be no chance to fix you up at U.C., since the summer appointments are already out, and Gunsalus is coming for the first session, while some immunologist is contracted for the second. However, I have talked to Dr. Kruger and Dr. Stanier, and they both seem enthusiastic about getting you here for the summer of 1949, provided of course, provided of course the University provides the funds, as they are doing this year.
I doubt that there will be room enough at the Marine Station, since usually Van Niel's course takes up all the facilities, and only a fraction of the applicants for the course can be admitted. However, I shall ask Kies when I seem him, Cal Tech has some fellowships and usually lots of money. They might be able to wrangle something. Do you want me to write them? You might also, of course, ask Tatum if they have anything at Stanford, but I think they are not too wealthy.
I do not suppose you would care to replace me for the spring semester of 1949-1950 in case I take a full year sabbatical? This would mean teaching the elementary courses. If you are, let me know.
Under separate cover, I am sending you the manuscript of our maltose paper. There is still a lot to be done, but we feel that it makes a rather nice story. You will note that I am as perplexed as you about the in vivo utilization of maltose. Also, you will see that K-12 possesses the same mechanism as the mutant, which is why I was so anxious to know that W-327 is a real mutant in that the maltose and character is heritable.
Please insert any changes which you may find necessary and send the manuscript on to the Journal of Biological Chemistry. If changes are made, will you have the pages involved retyped? We would like the paper submitted as soon as possible.
With best wishes for a Merry Xmas and a successful and happy New Year. I am
Sincerely yours,
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