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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Roger Y. Stanier Annotation pdf (106,805 Bytes) ocr (28 Bytes)
Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Roger Y. Stanier
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1950-04-24 (April 24, 1950)
Lederberg, Joshua
Stanier, Roger Y.
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
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Folder: Stanier, Roger Y.
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Annotation by Joshua Lederberg:
Node: Stanier, Roger Y. (1916-1982).
Prince of General Microbiology, as heir to
CB Van Niel and traditions of the Delft School.  We all looked up to him
-- he was almost a 7-footer.  See his memoir -- Ann Rev Microbiol 1980;
and Accuputo-Gendron & Goldner:: Persp Biol Med  37:48-54 1993;
Roger Stanier: Diversity as the key to a new era for biology.
  and Obituary,-- JG Morris,  1916-1982: J Gen Micro 129: 255-261 1983..
I met him, at SAB mtgs probably May 1948, certainly 1949.  We had shared
interest in induced enzymes, his simultaneous and sequential
adaptation methodology.  He was very close to Mike Doudoroff at
UC-B, with whom I collaborated directly.  In 1950 he helped arrange
my visiting prof-ship at UC-B, and doubtless played a large role in
trying to get me to Berkeley therafter, though he moved to Paris in
1971 (and married Germaine Cohen-Bazire); died, much lamented, 1982.
Roger was very much upset by political repression in the U.S., esp.
during the era of the McCarthy inquisitions and the "loyalty oath"
to-do at Berkeley.  I had great empathy with his stand, but stuck
closer to the center, and was less of a conspiracy-theorist.  We divided
on the attributions of grave population harm from the Serratia
aerosol dissemination experiments, Cf: his ARM 1980 memoir, and I
tried unsuccessfully to temper his assertions.  (Factually that case
lost in court; and other documents in this archives will reflect further
on that issue.)  Together with Van Niel, he was of course the author
of the major phylogenetic revision, clearly separating eu- from pro-karyotes,
further revised only more recently with Woese's elaboration of the

KW: **; re methodology of induced enzymes; simultaneous adaptation;
Constitutive mutants;

my skepticism about specificity -- leading to idea of a separate receptor
for and pathway to enzyme induction. Constitutive mutants are
put forward here.

jl 2/15/99