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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Frank Stodola Annotation pdf (125,690 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Frank Stodola
Item is handwritten. Item is a photocopy.
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1944-11-04 (November 4, 1944)
Lederberg, Joshua
Stodola, Frank
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Biographical Information
Lederberg Grouping: Correspondence A
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Letters (correspondence)
Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
SubSeries: 1925-1947
Folder: Stodola, Frank
4 November 1944
Dear Frank--
If you were more familiar with the details of the many programs you might be able to infer from my official title and civilian address that I was now finally a student at Medical School. And so now, I am last June I graduated from Columbia College with a B.A., and I trust you will not be displeased to learn that I was awarded "honors in Zoology" and membership in Theta Beta Kappa. The next day I was sent back to the US Nav Hosp at St. Albans, [. . .], where such things don't matter, and had an interesting, if not highly academic experience for 3 months in a parasitology laboratory, doing stool examinations for hookworm or amaebiosis, and blood [...] for medical diagnosis. But now, and for the past month, I am found to be a lowly first-year medical student, in pursuit of anatomy and histology and such which are a tax on the memory but not much on the creative or critical intelligence. Medical School may be an even more insidious threat to one's pure-scientific integrity because for pedagogic reasons the clinical facet is not exposed until very much later. At the moment a colleague and myself are thinking through a problem concerned with what humoral (chemical?) factors, if any, may be concerned in the unusually rapid growth of the remnant when 60-75%
of a mammalian liver is removed surgically. A not dissimilar study on the regenration of the adrenal cortex by Ingle and Higgins and others, which may be familiar to you, was revealing in exposing or clarifying the adrenotropic functions of the anterior pituitary lobe. But right now it looks as if the profs. are stalling us insofar as letting us have the meager facilities we need. Perhaps 1st Year men are not supposed to have any interests beyond the [. . .] ends of their noses. Not we hope to get started before too long. The first job is to find whether the stimulus is humoral. But enough for now.
Vague recollection of your last letter reminds me that you were supposed perhaps to come East. It is superfluous to say that I hope this letter reaches you. In the event you are in or near New York I prevail upon you to pay me a visit here. I have an "antique" apartment here with a fellow med. student; if nothing else I am sure the color scheme or the closeted skeletons will amuse--or the beer. For security reasons I do not even dare to suggest an interest in what you have been doing.
Sincerely yours,
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Annotation by Joshua Lederberg:
KW: medical school; liver regeneration;

updating him on my academic progress
characterization of medical school - mind-numbing
starting research on liver regeneration

reference to apartment is with Kim Atwood.  N.B. skeleton in closet.

jl 9/13/98