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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from P. R. Edwards to Joshua Lederberg pdf (123,808 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from P. R. Edwards to Joshua Lederberg
Item is handwritten.
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1957-01-15 (January 15, 1957)
Edwards, P. R.
Lederberg, Joshua
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Lederberg Grouping: Correspondence C
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Folder Number: 25
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
SubSeries: 1953-1960
Folder: Edwards, P. R.
Jan 15, 1957
My dear Joshua -- Upon a number of occasions you have urged a trip to Madison on me and some circumstance always intervened to prevent it. At last I believe the way is clear if you still feel that it is desirable for me to come.
First, I very recently learned that the ruling prohibiting Public Health Service employees from taking expense movies[?] from other Agencies has been revoked. It was a stupid decision in the first place and the circumstances which initiated it were very [ . . . ] -- I'll tell you sometime.
Since this is the case, and since I had been contemplating attending the SAB meetings in Detroit, I thought it might be possible to go from Atlanta, to Madison, to Detroit and back to Atlanta. The schedule could not be reversed since they have committed me to go to Missouri early in May. This would permit me to kill two birds with one stone, provided, of course, you feel that you bird still is in need of being killed.
I realize that I am placing myself in the vulnerable and unenviable position of proposing an invitation. I realize full well too that circumstances changed markedly with time and that you may no longer feel that it is necessary or worthwhile to have me in Madison. By all means express yourself with perfect frankness on this point. I certainly shall not feel embarrassed or hurt if you reply in the negative. However, since you had asked me repeatedly to come I thought I would mention this possibility. Write and tell me whether you want me and for how long and I'll see what can be arranged.
To more important things -- we have a doozie of a bug on the fire -- 11: d,a-d,e,n,z15 which is comparable in its action to to S. salinatis. When exposed to d serum[?] it drops the major antigen d from both phases and becomes S. luciana (11:a-e,n,z15)! This change so far has been complete and irreversible. I've had a lot of correspondence with Fritz about this and had a hard time convincing him it was not a 3 phase bug (11:a-d-e,n) I think he is now convinced and I've asked him to join me in a publication on it.
Recently he sent me a "3 phase" bug, which conclusion he had reached through faulty sera. Actually he started with 16:d-1,2 and three d+1,2 sera produced a 16:j-1,2. It was not as bad as it sounds, he was suspicious of an induced phase but his j+2[89] sera were not up to snuff and the bug reacted in both.
We've started some biochemical work and it isn't going too well. I had a new boy wished on me and I started him off with a band and overloaded him. I should have known better. We'll probably have to repeat all we've done and put it down to experience. Some day I'll learn. I'll also tell you of this when I see you.
With kindest regards to you and Ester,
P.S. Looks as if I might get a worker from the Agriculture Research Service, USDA, in return for the animal work we do. Also a man probably will come from Clarenburg's lab for a year to work on Arizonas[?]. I do not know what I shall with all these people but suppose I shall manage somehow.
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