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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Esther Lederberg to M. L. Morse pdf (106,974 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Esther Lederberg to M. L. Morse
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1957-07-18 (July 18, 1957)
Lederberg, Esther
Morse, M. L.
Reproduced with permission of Esther Lederberg.
Lederberg Grouping: Correspondence C
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
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Folder: Morse, M. L.
July 18, 1957
Dear Larry,
First of all, I'm sorry we've sort of gotten out of touch. Secondly please thank Roger, and you too, for the invitation, but we simply can't manage to get away from Madison any sooner than Aug 1, much as we'd like a Denver visit. Very likely we'll stop on the way back from Melbourne in November.
Did you get to see Rubbo? We drove down to Chicago to meet his plane and then drove him up to Glenview for the night with the Wrights and Mari's folks.
Since Kaiser's visit, I've been transducing into recipients carrying various of the Pasteur phages, Lister phages etc. So far, p-82 is the most useful, but all the aggregation patterns are complex. Campbell wrote that he, Arber, Kellenberger and Hoiglo concur that transducing particles are defective for a portion of the prophage covering the h marker. Do you agree? What became of the experiments you planned to do with Weigle at Caltech or in Denver, comparing [lambda]wis with [lambda]pa.? (for replication if the active part of the exogenote). According to Dale, every one is now using papa, and I suspect that it is quite different from the one(s) we used. Lp r/r heterogenotes are quite frequent with it, and I hope to have this systematically explored in the lab while I'm away.
Most of the general news you probably know already, since Iino wrote he had a good visit with you. Since then, we had a magnificent weekend with Luca, and are looking forward to his return to the lab beginning in April. George Klein also spent a few days here and persuaded Josh to preside and prepare a session on bacterial recombination in Stockholm next summer. Bob's thesis is in the hands of the reading committee: Mari's is still in preparation. The L-colony paper is about done too. I'm trying to write a paper on lysogenicity and transduction for the Genetics Assoc. meeting in Australia, a few days after our arrival there.
We're exhausting ourselves getting ready for this trip, what with unfinished business at home and at the lab. the family who will be living in our house are Danish, and at the moment are in Crented Butte (Gothic, Colo.) taking Sturtevant's course and awaiting their second offering. I assume your brother hasn't yet returned from Japan and that you're still living on Poplar St.
The outline of a paper on "propage-exogenote relations" dated 11/22/56 has been staring me in the face for some time, but I haven't yet felt confident enough to have a whack at it. How are things going with you? Would be delighted to get some word from you before we go off.
With best regards to the Mitchells and Warings. And love to Helvise and Margaret, and hope to see them in due course.
Esther M. Lederberg
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