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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Steve Weinberg Annotation pdf (67,315 Bytes) ocr (1,937 Bytes)
Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Steve Weinberg
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1977-06-06 (June 6, 1977)
Lederberg, Joshua
Weinberg, Steve
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Letters (correspondence)
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Annotation by Joshua Lederberg:
KW: response to his book (? 1st three seconds or other);
Eddington, Jeans;  "wonder of knowledge, which I join with you in
apotheosis as an axial religious principle"; Moondust; particle beams;
Entire letter is retrieved here from SUMEX/weinberg.770606

 << Reading: WEINBERG.TMP;1 1491O7a
1, 4-JUN-77 13:24:00, 4-JUN-77 13:25:08, 4-JUN-77 13:25:48
Dear Steve:

I wanted to thank you again for your book: the
small gift of the copy, and the much larger one
of your having written it.

Your last paragraphs were particularly moving. We
do not have many other contemporaries taking the
role that Eddington and Jeans did in conveying
the wonder of knowledge, which I join with you in
apotheosis as an axial religious principle. You
may have noticed some remarks about that in the
autobiographical section of the draft paper I
wrote with Harriet Zuckerman.  At the risk of
overextending your time and patience, I am also
sending you a few other fragments. But you have
been far more eloquent than I knew how to be and
all this is just by way of encouragement and
enthusiastic reinforcement. There are a few
concrete dilemmas that I hope we may have some
chance to discuss further: please do let me know
if your travels this way should make that

I wonder how convinced either of us is that
cosmology and particle physics can have no
'useful' application. I guess your last
paragraphs did not touch that as strongly as
other physicists' statements have. Even if part
(?) fantasy, the Semipalatinsk/ particle-beam
story might illustrate hints to the contrary, and
I wonder whether there will be some spread of the
anti-DNA philistinism back {i.e. from 'the bomb'}
to your own field.  In that sense, moondust puts
us in the same fold.
Enc: Soc Res; UCLA Law Rev; Sam52; Hippocrates Revis.

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