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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Edward L. Tatum to Joshua Lederberg pdf (174,172 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Edward L. Tatum to Joshua Lederberg
Item is handwritten.
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1947-12-19 (December 19, 1947)
Tatum, Edward L.
Lederberg, Joshua
Reproduced with permission of Margaret (Tatum) Easter and Barbara Tatum.
Lederberg Grouping: Correspondence B
Box Number: 8
Folder Number: 83
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1935-2002
SubSeries: 1947-1953
Folder: Tatum, E. L.
Dec 19, 1947
Dear Josh:
1st to answer some accumulated questions:
1) Easter vacation will be O.K. for your oral --
2) The thesis copying is almost done, and I'll let you know what it cost as soon as I know. The copies will be bound with the petty carb acct. you have with Hirshcleffe. Incidentally -- Marge Reanne is the typist!
3) We are rechecking Y 142, 141, 143 and will send Y 134 and 137.
4) The proteins story is somewhat improved -- but entirely unsatisfactory for analysis of large bodies -- A few "mutants" were derived from N-mustard followed by malachite green and total picking. These show consistent lags in minimal, and with group supplements other than the specific group (H.C. -- or rit -- or y.u.a.) to which the response may be real. It remains for Carl to [ . . . ] individual component supplementation. With these strains, to pick up these effects, the inoculation must be very dilute, and readings made at short growth intervals -- 17-24 hours -- Since no comparable tests were made without mal-green -- there's as yet no evidence on polyploidy and the role of malachite green -- if any!
5) Ed Adelberg is now getting reproducible assays, and consistent yields of his definitely ether soluble [ . . . ]. So we're optimistic on this point.
6) I think I told you Dave's precursor is OH Anthranilic -- A note has been sent to PNAS to appear with Mitchells [sic] and Rye's. Also, one of the summers mutants appears to use OH anthr but
not tryptophane or kynurenine -- and may pile up kynurenine! Dave and I still aren't convinced of the normality of the tryptophane-nicatinic relations. Of course the rat may be quire different, since it cannot use kynurenine or OH anthranilic, although tryptophane seems to be O.K. (Bo. and Krehl unpubl.)
7) I think I also told you the folicless [?] isn't, but is a C2 less -- requiring both acetate and ethanol.
8) Desoxycholate (at pH 6) gave lots of clear-cut small colonies of 58-161 cells by detection, appearing only after laye[ . . . ]. However, all of over 200 picked and tested (Luria) were not mutants, or exceedingly unstable. O.K. at 24h, but complete growth at 48 in minimal. By contrast, almost 100 percent of small colonies of the same strain tested with tris-N-mustard were stable mutants. Incidentally -- I heard, not from Evelyn Witkin directly -- that desoxycholate and NaCl -- both increase reversion of a K-12 biochemical -- How about it? -- I'm writing her.
9) Luria and I did a recombination of Y 144 (acetyl-valine resistant [AVR] 58-161) with Y 53 -- and got good segregation ratios suggesting AV is 15 units to the right of TL. The reciprocal should be done -- as well as looking for alleles -- We're now starting on enzyme investigations.
10) Your lactoseless evidence sounds fine. As far as to the number of enzymes involved I haven't any idea at the moment except
a) that of isolating comparable enzymes from the genetically different types
b) mixed enzyme preps of the 2 strains should be and if if 2 enzymes are concerned.
11) C1 mutants -- if any -- behave unsatisfactorily -- comparable to a) Proteins or b) Desoxycholate or 58-161
Have you tried to get any?
I still haven't had time to try transformations but hop to this Xmas vacation.
12) Bill for Genetics is O.K.'d.
13) Had a Xmas card from Carl Lindegren [sic] -- he's moving to Southern Ill. Univ. at Carbondale, Ill.!
Regards to Esther -- and best wishes to you both
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