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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Jacqueline St. Clair to Joshua Lederberg Annotation pdf (223,984 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Jacqueline St. Clair to Joshua Lederberg
Item is handwritten.
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1957-10-07 (October 7, 1957)
St. Clair, Jacqueline
Lederberg, Joshua
Reproduced with permission of Jacqueline St. Clair.
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Folder Number: 36
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Research
SubSeries: Genetics
SubSubSeries: University of Wisconsin
SubSubSubSeries: Research Reports
Folder: St. Clair, Jacqueline, 1957
Oct. 7, 1957
Dear Josh,
Tis a cloudy, cool day -- somehow just right for letter writing. First in answer to your questions: Yes, we have an SmR DAP minus (from W3231, Davis's culture). A table will be easier than trying to explain its behavior.
[asterisk] only visible microscopically
As you can see, the controls behaved as expected. Sm severely but not completely inhibits both ex- and intrinsically induced L colonies; also, the presence of Sm with penicillin seems to make the pen. rather inhibitory, at least in the intrinsically induced form where the effect is distinguishable. In trying to find the effect with zonal penicillin, I evidently didn't hit the level right or used too heavy an inoculum. This is probably irrelevant, but W3231 was quite reluctant to produce an SmR.
Yes we have more mutants, but all messy ones, found in strains that are poor formers of L colonies. There are 20 altogether and none is a complete block -- they are mixtures of rods, [scientific symbol]'s, and grotesque cells, some of which are reparable with hydrolysate. The non-rod forms are more noticable [sic] in agar than in broth, where the rod form gains momentum too fast. The broth results are confused by the presence of a good deal of gunk from the hydrolysate, a recently made batch. I haven't yet tried DAP as a substitute for hydrolysate. These mutants are being maintained in agar for fear of losing them altogether in broth.
Yes more thin sections are on the way. Both agar and broth forms -- including plain agar -- are imbedded but not sliced, which I intend to spend next week on. Am still having trouble getting the methacrylate as hard as it should be. There are some information-less electron micrographs of Proteus L forms in August J. Gen. Microbiol. -- gold shadowed -- no clearer or more detailed than photographs.
The square petri plates have still not come. The delay is at the manufacturer's end, for Purchasing has sent them 2 letters and is still trying to find what happened. You'll probably be back by the time they arrive. If they come reasonably soon, would you like one sent by air rather than surface?
I sent the manuscript to Porter a few days after receiving it. I retyped it myself because the secretaries were too busy, but they are doing the copy to be dittoed. They said it may take a while. And speaking of manuscripts, the proof of your virus, genes, etc. review for the Texas journal was in poor shape. In some places whole lines were omitted, so I made the more extensive corrections on a separate sheet. The Bact. Revs. proof was nearly perfect.
Am taking Jim Crow's beginning genetics course to the extent of attending lectures 3 hours a week. I believe this is worthwhile, for my knowledge of genetics is sorely lacking, and he presents the material well.
All is well and uneventful on the local front. The going aways are sad for we'll probably never see these people again, even though vague "see you in [blank]" are promised. Bob and Mari left Madison a week and a half ago, and sailed for Europe last Saturday. (Mari got her master's in a mighty last minute flurry.) The Heumanns are leaving next Tuesday for Chicago where they will stay with friends a few days before flying to N.Y. Wulfram (sp?) has been gay and whistling in lab since his recombination came through. I guess the Orskovs won't leave
[air mail envelope, see original]
till after you return -- which reminds me -- are you going to Calcutta? Sounds like a fine opportunity since you have to go halfway around the world whichever way you go.
The weather here has been ideal for the past couple of weeks -- coolish and clear -- until today when an overcast of clouds rolled in.
And how can I forget to mention the World Series? For shame! It's hard to avoid, for the darned thing is blaring forth from radios practically everyplace you go. Anyway, so far WE'RE WINNING.
Well, I've run out of space as well as inspiration. "Hi" to Esther.
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Annotation by Joshua Lederberg:
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