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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from John Z. Bowers to Dick (?) Annotation pdf (93,431 Bytes)
Letter from John Z. Bowers to Dick (?)
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1956-03-09 (March 9, 1956)
Bowers, John Z.
Rockefeller Foundation
Courtesy of Joshua Lederberg.
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Annotation by Joshua Lederberg:
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March 9, 1956

Division of Biological and Medical Research
The Rockefeller Foundation
49 West 49th Street
New York 20, New  York

Dear Dick:

Thank you for your letter and the suggestions regarding our
preliminary request for support of a program in human genetics.  I
have gone over the material and attach herewith a revised draft
which I hope will meet with your suggestions.  Since our
conversation in New York, I have met with Dr. Lederberg, Dr. Merton
and Dr. Mortenson and am glad to report that things are moving
ahead quite nicely.  I am particularly pleased with the enthusiasm
that the department heads in our medical school are showing for the
development of a program in human genetics.

I was interested in Dr. Miller's comments about the lack of
available laboratories in which foreign scholars might be trained
in human genetics.  I would certainly hope that the Rockefeller
Foundation would feel free to send scholars and other appropriate
persons to our laboratory for varying periods of work.

While we are on the subject, I am interested in the possibility of
having the Dean of an overseas Medical School spend a few months
with me learning (for better or for worse) how Medical
Administrators develop their ulcers in the United States of
America.  I believe that we would have an unusual breadth to offer
here at Madison because of the relationship with the University,
the Hospital, the Nursing School, the Student Health Program and a
large variety of research activities.  If the possibility ever
seems reasonable, I hope that you will remember this.

I am quite distressed to learn of the difficulties surrouding Dr.
Varma's desire to remain here for a more extended period before
returning to Lucknow.  We had no idea that his wishes to remain in
the United States were so controversial in India and we have moved
quickly to try to straighten things out.  I have advised Dr.
Mortensen that we should withdraw our offer of a research
assistantship and we are transmitting a letter to Wade Oliver
setting forth what I hope will be a happy ending to this collection
of misunderstandings.  I can assure you that, to the best of my
knowledge, everyone here acted in good faith.

With kindest regards!

Yours sincerely,

John Z. Bowers, M.D.


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