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The Joshua Lederberg Papers

Letter from Yehudit Elkana, Van Leer Jerusalem Foundation to Joshua Lederberg pdf (291,237 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Yehudit Elkana, Van Leer Jerusalem Foundation to Joshua Lederberg
Item is handwritten.
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1975-01 (January 1975)
Elkana, Yehudit
Van Leer Jerusalem Foundation
Lederberg, Joshua
Reproduced with permission of Yehudit Elkana.
Lederberg Grouping: No Epoch
Box Number: 125
Folder Number: 11
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Public Service
SubSeries: Center for the Advanced Study of Behavioral Science (CASBS)
SubSubSeries: Correspondence
Folder: General, 1975-1999
[stamped, Jan 1975]
Dear Josh,
We are all sorry not having you here with us not, but it could not be changed, I understand.
As far as science goes, our meeting would have been premature because I haven't made any progress so far. This, by the way, is the reason why I have not written before, I just had nothing to report on. After getting organized, which took a few weeks, I tried first to get competent B. subtilis; when I had no luck, tried running agarose slab gels. Now I am working in three directions; these two and labeling [diagram]h-p DNA with (14C), so that I have a way of knowing whether the circles contain both DNAs. It has been a rather fruitless period, but, on the other hand, I have learned alot [sic], attended some courses, but let's hope 1975 will bring some luck with it.
Facilities are satisfactory, certainly as far as instruments are concerned. There is much less technical help, but I don't see any harm in that. People are extremely helpful. There are a few with whom I am in touch and to whom I can turn for advice -- Raquel Sussman, Amos Oppenheim, Marlene Befort, just to mention a few names whom you might know.
Erela Elizur is in Australia, unfortunately (for me).
I am glad you decided not to publish the little note separately. It seems to make no sense, unless it is a part of a piece of work which has some aim. I am now waiting impatiently for Ron's manuscript. I had no idea that such progress had been made, and am
[printed matter, an airmail envelop, follows, see original]
anxious to see what it is all about.
The grant application will not be considered until February and I don't expect an answer before March. I might get some salary out of grant leftovers of Erela and Raquel Sussman's, from December. That will be an enormous help.
My love to Marguerite, David and Annie,
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