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The Charles R. Drew Papers

Letter from Charles R. Drew to Lenore (Robbins) Drew pdf (152,175 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Charles R. Drew to Lenore (Robbins) Drew
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1941-03-24 (March 24, 1941)
[Drew, Charles R.]
[Drew, Lenore (Robbins)]
Original Repository: Howard University. Moorland-Spingarn Research Center. Charles R. Drew Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center.
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Becoming "the Father of the Blood Bank," 1938-1941
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Letters (correspondence)
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Monday March 24, 1941
Dearest Lady,
For the past week I can not say that I have been working a great deal. In fact I have been very lazy, sleeping both early and late trying to get myself in shape before taking on the job at home. Not until the exam was over did I realize that I had taken very little rest for a rather long period of time so I just eased off for a week. My cold is much better, I feel fairly rested and will get back into harness this week in order to bring things to a sort of decent finish here before the end of the week.
There are some things that I will leave unfinished here which I naturally would like to finish but I feel that the moment is propitious for pulling out and hence my decision to report for work at Howard a month before my leave is up.
Now we will have a chance to see for the first time really, just what married life is like. Up til now we have been more like sweethearts with special privileges than man and wife. Do you think that you can take it? Having a man around the house in the way all the time. No more sleeping in, meals to get on time, though the culprit may not always show up, visitors to entertain, telephones ringing at weird hours of the night, tales of my atrocities in the hospital to to put up with etc. etc. and etc. I think perhaps there may be a few things that I may add to your happiness to make up for these disrupting influences in your life, for instance I can bring the baby carriage up the steps at night, I can wax the floors (if I think it will not hurt my hands) I can take you to the movies (when I'm not on call) and I can help you get the back room straight. Perhaps I can put in some flowers in the back yard.
More important perhaps, I can share more closely with you the day by day movie of Bebe's growth and trials and when the long days are through I can lie close (that is relatively close) to you and hear the story of your heart as it adds new verses to the poem of your life it is writing with the gold of each night's sunset and the silver of the soft moon's glow. And I too will weave a story, in prose no doubt and in harsher hues but even it will have much loveliness in it for its central theme will be you. As the years go by the poesy of your heart and the prose of my song should blend until there is no line between them and with the increasing voices of our choir a real symphony could be created into which all the trials, tribulations, joys and aspirations that are common to man would be found but in a pattern all our own and harmonious beyond compare.
I think of you tonight and am filled with a longing to be near you.
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