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The Charles R. Drew Papers

Things to Do -- May 11, 1939 pdf (61,111 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Things to Do -- May 11, 1939
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1939-05-11 (May 11, 1939)
[Drew, Charles R.]
Original Repository: Howard University. Moorland-Spingarn Research Center. Charles R. Drew Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center.
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Becoming "the Father of the Blood Bank," 1938-1941
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1. Call Mrs. McCurdie about printing of labels.
2. Make up outline for Blood Bank record book.
3. Write Miss Stoddard and tell her to report for work on June 15th.
4. Find out from Mrs. Bush when ice box is likely to be here.
5. Types of container:
a. Bell jar (See Dr. Rosenthal about purchase)
b. Type in use at Belleview.
c. Blueprint of paln for narrow neck type
d. Erlenmeyer flasks
6. Types of anticoagulants
a. 21.5% sodium citrate
b. Citrate with sufficient glucose make pH of 7.0
c. Citrate with sufficient CO2 to make pH of 7.0
d. Determine the toxicity of isotomic oxalic acid in quantity sufficient to prevent clotting for use in cases of hemophilia and the bleeding of pregnancy.
7. Ask Dr. Bull if volunteer worker will be available June 15th.
8. See Dr. Whipple about living in Hospital after June 15th.
9. See Dr. Rose about studies in agglutinins, antigens, fibrolysins, and malarial parasites in banked blood.
10. Check cellular changes in citrated blood and compare with the immune quantities.
11. Note to Dr. Barbour.
12. Note to J. Biol. Chem. for right to use falling drop chart.
13. Finish series of normal hematocrits.
14. Finish series of normal specific gravities.
15. Legend for Hematocrit-Protein patterns.
16. Note to Hugh Simmons. Cannot speak.
17. Appointment with Dr. Sloan.
18. Check qualifications with American Board of Surgery.
19. Do series of normal rabbits.
20. Help finish x-ray series.
21. Placental bloods. Do next.
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