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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Clarence Dennis to Frank S. Burch pdf (2,062,005 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Clarence Dennis to Frank S. Burch
Item is handwritten.
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1934-02-03 (February 3, 1934)
Dennis, Clarence
[Burch, Frank S.]
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Early Career and the Development of the Heart-Lung Machine, 1935-1951
Metadata Record Letter from Frank S. Burch to Clarence Dennis (February 17, 1934) pdf (2,265,558 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Feb. 3, 1934 --
Dear Dr. Burch --
I find myself perplexed at the moment about the internship problem. I have felt for some time that, in view of my plans to return to St. P and to try to start practice after two years of internship in surgery, an internship at Hopkins would be poorly fitted to my purposes. Here, if one is extremely lucky and can be the one in 8 interns starting, who reaches the residency, the process takes 9 years. This seems hardly practicable for me.
I talked to Dr. Andrus (assistant-dean) some time ago; he felt much as I did about my interning here, and after looking out my record, suggested Massachusetts General Hospital, Presbyterian in New York, and the Cornell Hospital in New York. He agreed with my suggestion that it would be well to work in the hospital I chose, either as substitute during the summer or as a student in surgery in October and November in either Harvard or P and S medical school. I am inclined to favor transferring
to one of these schools for the first quarter next fall in surgery, in as much as I should break about even financially.
I would much appreciate an opinion from you regarding what you consider the best hospital for me to concentrate my efforts upon. Do you think I should apply here at Hopkins?
The reason for the rush now is that if I transfer to Harvard or P and S for the first quarter next year, I shall want to rearrange my schedule here this spring so as to include fourth-year surgery in the last quarter of my third year. The medical school office wants to know.
I see Edward only occasionally, but he seems to be getting along very well. I have already asked him about the matters in hand.
Regards to Mrs. Burch and to Katherine when you write
Clarence Dennis
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