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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Merel Harmel to Clarence Dennis pdf (1,377,343 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Merel Harmel to Clarence Dennis
Item is handwritten.
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1962-05-30 (May 30, 1962)
Harmel, Merel
Oxford University. Department of Biochemistry
Dennis, Clarence
Reproduced with permission of Merel Harmel.
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Building a Department of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 1951-1972
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1934-2000
SubSeries: General Correspondence, 1934-2000
Folder: 1960 Mar-1962
30 May 1962
Dear Clarence:
There is a slight lull in my activities since it has become difficult to obtain male hamsters. On the whole I have been very busy and obsessed to some extent by the short time that seems to remain. I am sorry indeed, that things have not gone as well as I had hoped, but there have been I gather many problems in personnel about which, he has apprized[sic] you. The situation is a very serious one for us and we shall have to sit down and thrash it out when I return, for it makes no sense to be so dependent upon the vagarities[sic] of staff from year to year. This compromises both our services. At the same time we have to equate our service responsibilities with the resident training program -- our needs are becoming so considerable -- especially with nurses leaving. But as you know it is difficult if not impossible to deal with these matters over the sea. I should feel guilty about being away in these difficult times, but only partly so and greatly relieved. Going back to the country will be no honeymoon! I have since our last writing, been in some English operating rooms and of course am struck by the quiet and orderliness. There is no question that we must somehow achieve greater efficiency in our own operating rooms and this I am afraid will mean some very drastic reorganization -- but it represents a particular need of ours. We've only fretted about this problem. The integration of teaching into services here is most difficult. We can't escape taking care of patients. Sometimes this seems to get lost in
the shuffle as you know. How easy it is to pontificate at a distance. I can see myself returning to squeezing the cheese-bag of the county. At this moment I'm somewhat grateful that there is delay in the new hospital for staffing shall be a real problem and we don't seem to be able to plan for it let alone meet our commitments adequately now. You see ion-transport doesn't occupy all my time. But I must say active laboratory life has left little time for contemplation -- I would like to have been with you at Princeton this year -- I hope it was worth while.
Armide, except for the chilblains has had a good year and the children have enjoyed school. It was delightful to see Margaret and get much news of everything. By the way, how many of your resolutions, made in Sweden, were you able to realize -- My list is far too long now. Please give my best to Karl and Irv and of course to Ellie.
As ever,
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