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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Owen H. Wangensteen to Clarence Dennis pdf (108,252 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Owen H. Wangensteen to Clarence Dennis
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1957-02-26 (February 26, 1957)
Wangensteen, Owen H.
University of Minnesota Medical School
Dennis, Clarence
Reproduced with permission of Stephen L. Wangensteen.
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Building a Department of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 1951-1972
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1934-2000
SubSeries: Individuals, 1956-1998
Folder: Wangensteen, Owen H., 1956-1968
February 26, 1957
My dear Clarence:
Your nice letter is at hand. Yes, I think it is important to be a bit wary over the kind of paper you invite. With reference to the Kay-Blalock paper, I would think that you might indicate that on more mature reflection this paper would more properly come in the Original Communications Section. Or, it might be nice now and then to send a paper which, when you see it, does not meet your original intent, to send it on to Dr. Warren Cole. Such a free interchange now and then would serve to allay any suggestion of competition. It is with Warren Cole's Section that conflicts might most frequently arise. Yet, if you pursued this policy, I think that only mutually good feelings would ensue.
With reference to the oxygenator, I doubt seriously at this time that you should get into a harangue over what is the best method of approach in cardiac cases. There is a big difference of opinion, as you know. I heard Blalock discuss all this at a session at the Forum in San Francisco. If someone were to write about the oxygenator from here at a later date, I would think it should be Lillehei. Lillehei, as you may know, uses the oxygenator for most everything, when an intracardiac procedure is underway. Could this wait until April? You and I could then discuss what might be a good thing to do in this regard.
It would be my feeling that for the present, with essentially new procedures which are just coming into vogue that, it would be unwise to bring them up immediately in controversial discussions. It is better to let all the participants gather an experience of their own, before trying to pith one opinion against another. At least, that would be my judgment in the matter. More experience and not too controversial a discussion now, I think, is what that problem needs. I hope you will agree. There are plenty other problems in which discussion could be very helpful from seasoned and experienced persons who hold somewhat opposite views.
Sally too sends her best wishes. Remember us kindly to Eleanor and with every good wish to yourself,
Owen H. Wangensteen, M.D.
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