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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Karl E. Karlson to Clarence Dennis pdf (224,383 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Karl E. Karlson to Clarence Dennis
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1960-07-19 (July 19, 1960)
Karlson, Karl E.
State University of New York. Downstate Medical Center
Dennis, Clarence
Reproduced with permission of Lafern M. Karlson.
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Building a Department of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 1951-1972
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center, 1951-1977
SubSeries: Sabbatical, 1957-1964
Folder: Correspondence, 1957-1964
July 19, 1960
Dear Boss in Absentia:
We have been missing you now for almost three weeks, so I feel it is time to report. We hope that you had a fine trip and our cards from both Ellie and Merel confirm that things are more than elegant.
Things are going along reasonably well here too with whatever problems come up not unduly serious. Two of our assistant residents have quit (just so that you don't get too complacent), Caracci and Blumberg. You knew about Caracci and a few days after you left Blumberg came in and couldn't sleep nights so he felt that he should resign too. He's had some psychiatric advice (for whatever it's worth) and we arranged for him to get an assistant residency at the V.A. Hospital where things will be easier. He's starting with Harry LeVeen on the 18th. (This is Saturday at 1:30 P.M.)
A boy by the name of Breed who had a rotating internship here and comes very well recommended on the part of those who worked with him while he was on Surgery is going to start as an assistant resident as soon as we can get him here. He took a residency in Psychiatry in Montreal, I believe, but became disillusioned during the first week and resigned. He then contacted us and we are going to take him on. The boy from Mexico who we were going to appoint as an assistant resident cannot accept because he has not taken the test for foreign students. He would like to come as a Fellow, and if we get our N.I.H. cardiovascular grant we will take him on that. We haven't heard about that grant yet.
We are preparing the enclosed material to give to all the new house officers. We will give this to the interns as they rotate on to the service. I think it's a good start as an introduction to our service and we will modify it as it seems necessary and as times change. A modification of this can probably be made up to send to prospective straight intern and residency candidates too. We haven't had a meeting of the Jewish Hospital Committee yet since both Merel and Gordon Hennigar have been in Europe, but will have that as soon as Merel gets back and can arrange a date. I have written to Magelaner and asked him for suggestions of possible candidates the Committee could consider and suggested that I write to some people and get candidates' names before the Committee meets. So I've written to a lot of people around the country, many of whom you wrote to before, asking for suggestions. Magelaner suggested Bakst and a man by the name of Charles Allen Carton, who he says is now Director of Surgery at the Montefiore Hospital. I don't know Carton and I didn't know Elliot Hurwitt had abdicated. I'm going to try to find out about that. My reaction to Bakst is negative. What about you? Perhaps I should write to Jacob Goldstein and get his reaction to such an appointment. I haven't written to Watman and Nemir or anybody else yet until the Committee meets and we can get a survey of the situation.
[Handwritten note in margin: Perhaps you'd like to write me a special letter on Bakst.]
Mrs. Dollinger left the hospital two weeks postop., stayed a few days at the St. George Hotel and then went back to Florida. She didn't like her ileostomy because the lower edge didn't stick out far enough beyond the skin. Apparently a bit of the inverted ileum sloughed at the lower edge so that it was nearly flush there. The Fazio bags didn't stick and she was upset about this so that I brought her a Rutzen bag that I found here in the office to try until the Torbot bags would come that we ordered after I had opened the ileostomy. She was moderately distraught about the ileostomy and made me promise to fix it if it didn't turn out alright for her, and then she also contacted Rutzen. He happens to be running a mink farm in Newburgh, New York, so he drove down here one afternoon and saw her. He then applied the bag I had gotten for her himself and took some measurements so that he had bags specially made to fit her ileostomy. He reassured her that the ileostomy would be fine and after he had been there she didn't have any more trouble keeping a bag on and being moderately happy about it. Shortly after she left the hospital and I talked to her by phone one day but didn't see her again. I presume I'll see her whenever Jerry Masterson wants to check up on her again.
So far I haven't gotten that technician from Polisar. He came in here crying about it and convinced me to leave things as they are until he hears from his grant. In the meantime, I have promised Irv one of our technicians that ordinarily works over here in the hospital.
You'd be interested to hear that after my session with the interns yesterday noon (we are serving them sandwiches and coffee that we pay out of the E & R Fund so that they don't have to complain about missing lunch or ward work to be taught) one of the interns came up to me and said that he had heard this internship was terrible because there was no teaching, and then he commented that it is just the opposite. That should be encouraging.
Otherwise the arrangements seem to be working out reasonably well and we don't have too many difficulties with our schedules. There will have to be some adjustments made, I think, but these will be minor and we will make them as we get more experience with how we're doing things right now. I obviously haven't told you every detail, and if your curiosity is overwhelming about anything please don't hesitate. So have a good time and relax. You will have plenty to do when you get back. Remind Ellie to keep her shoes on. So long.
Karl E. Karlson, M.D.
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