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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Clarence Dennis to Harry S. Soroff pdf (52,023 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Clarence Dennis to Harry S. Soroff
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1974-06-17 (June 17, 1974)
Dennis, Clarence
Soroff, Harry S.
State University of New York. Stony Brook
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
Metadata Record Conversation with Dr. Harry Soroff at the Boston Harvard Club June 15, 1974 (June 15, 1974) pdf (162,068 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook/Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), 1943-2003
SubSeries: Administration Files, 1973-2003
SubSubSeries: SUNY Stony Brook, 1973-1989
Folder: SUNY Stony Brook [job offer and retirement benefits], 1973-1989
June 17- 1974.
Dear Harry,
I enclose the summary of my understanding of the various items we discussed the other morning. Perhaps it is abbreviated here and there, but I think the crux of things is there.
I may run into trouble on the matter of the retirement income, since Mr. Miller thinks there is a time limit of one year which might be considered a leave of absence so that on return further employment by SUNY might be construed as a simple continuation. I'll get a letter off to Mr. Levitt in short order to find out.
It would be well for me not to accept anything from SUNY except straightforward reimbursement of expenses incurred. I'll look this up when I get home.
Please let me know as soon as your date with Lyndon Lee is fixed so that I can try to pin down Pitzele for that time.
Many thanks again for your hospitality. It was a pleasure to see you again.
P.S. Have gotten the costs on travel:
For me -
Car rental $40
Air fare $59.28
Three Vill. Inn $20
For Eleanor
Car rental $0
Air fare $57.28
Three Vill. Inn $10
I suspect SUNY takes a dim view on wives' expenses even though wives' reactions play a real role in such decisions.
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