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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Memorandum from Clarence Dennis to Harry S. Soroff pdf (79,045 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Memorandum from Clarence Dennis to Harry S. Soroff
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1976-09-03 (September 3, 1976)
Dennis, Clarence
Soroff, Harry S.
State University of New York. Stony Brook
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Series: State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook/Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), 1943-2003
SubSeries: Administration Files, 1973-2003
SubSubSeries: SUNY Stony Brook, 1973-1989
Folder: SUNY Stony Brook [job offer and retirement benefits], 1973-1989
Date: Sept. 3, 1976
To: H. S. Soroff, M.D.
From: C. Dennis, M.D.
Subject: Conference with Dean Kuschner
I met with Dean Kuschner on August 26 for 2 items.
There is still no resolution of the problem of my retirement income reflecting the additional years I shall have worked at Stony Brook, and it depends on the outcome of the case of Perlmutter vs. Levitt, the judgment on which was to have been handed down in January but still has not. Dr. Kuschner indicated that if you and I can muster enough support there should be no difficulty about my working for State University for the additional 6 months needed, or as long as you and I wish. This is an appointment which must be activated year by year and one which is being funded in Dr. Ackerman's case from soft money so that there will be no question of his holding this position and in so doing depriving some other qualified person of a position on the faculty.
I gave Dr. Kuschner materials about the National Society for Medical Research and informed him that the Nominating Committee for that Society feels strongly that the new President must be someone with a long record of research both on human and animal subjects so as to have credibility in speaking with congressmen, and also must be someone who has served several years on the Board of Directors and is thus familiar with the problems and the approaches of the Society to those problems. The Committee has concluded that I am the only person who can fully fulfill these requirements and wishes to propose me for that position. I informed the Committee Chairman that I could not accept this obligation without the approval of the Dean. I informed Dr. Kuschner that I am retiring this summer from the Editorial Board of Surgery and from the Panel on Cardiovascular Devices of the Food and Drug Administration. The Dean indicated that this Presidency would reflect creditably on Stony Brook and that he also spends 2 or 3 days a month in Washington. He indicated that he has no philosophical disagreement concerning the activities of NSMR. I therefore gave my consent to the Nominating Committee, but with the stipulation that I may be relieved after a year or after 2 years if I wish at that time.
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