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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Conf with Ed Humphrey 9/23/93 at his request pdf (82,562 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Conf with Ed Humphrey 9/23/93 at his request
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1993-09-23 (September 23, 1993)
[Dennis, Clarence]
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Series: Cancer Detection Center (CDC), University of Minnesota, 1983-2000
SubSeries: Administrative Files, 1987-2000
SubSubSeries: CDC Closure Crisis, 1991-1995
Folder: Future of the CDC, 1993-1995
Conf with Ed Humphrey 9/23/93 at his request.
Ed wondered about my plans and the CDC. I responded that I had taken on this job and that of setting up a Comprehensive Health Maintenance Program two and a half years ago. We are in difficulties now, and I am not one to give up on any undertaking without bringing it to a successful conclusion. Our problem now is that the squeeze was put on CDC by strong arm tactics so that now we cannot accommodate the prior rapid growth of the program and are having trouble accommodating those customers already of record. If this continues, the CDC will fail.
Ed said the Dept. has lost one third of its annual income with the ALAG fiasco, and Coggins says we are costing the Dept. one quarter million a year.
I expressed doubt that the drain on the Department is that great and agreed to look up my record on same.
He wondered if we could consolidate all cancer activities so that a coordinated CDC could be set up, perhaps under the banner of the Comprehensive Cancer Program. I agreed and indicated that B.J. Kennedy and I had agreed on this point less than ten days ago.
I agreed on this thesis but noted that the general pattern of handling patients in the U. Hosp. seems to be devoid of consideration of the feelings or convenience of the patient, and pointed out to Ed that the letter from Mr. Lindstrom had confirmed this opinion. With such consolidation we would have to have a new psyche to lead patients to come here in droves, and our competitors are fast signing up those not already committed to one program or another.
Ed's recollection was that I had expressed uneasiness about my eyesight making me ineffective. This is still true, but I am staying on because Ed himself had asked me to hold on until a new Chairman had accepted the position. I assured him that I would stay on and compete hard as long as the Department wants me here. He quickly assured me I had the wrong slant on things and that he wants me to stay on as long as I can swing it.
Ed pointed out that the Department is trying to recruit Dr. Harry Bear, from Virginia, where he has been trained and honed by Walter Lawrence, who recommends him highly. As the conversation proceeded, Ed indicated that Dr. Bear is visiting now, but is full up today. Could I have lunch with him and Ed tomorrow noon? I accepted at once and added I could give him my strong view on what the promise of the program is, especially now that the federal government appears to favor the thesis of early detection centers.
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