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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Minutes of meeting with Mr. Hart pdf (89,908 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Minutes of meeting with Mr. Hart
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1993-12-27 (December 27, 1993)
[Dennis, Clarence]
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Minutes (administrative records)
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Series: Cancer Detection Center (CDC), University of Minnesota, 1983-2000
SubSeries: Administrative Files, 1987-2000
SubSubSeries: CDC Closure Crisis, 1991-1995
Folder: Future of the CDC, 1993-1995
Dec. 27, 1993 - Minutes of meeting with Mr. Hart
Dr. Neal Gault
Mr. Gregory Hart
Dr. Elmer Martinson
Dr. Konald Prem
Mr. Stanley Williams
Dr. Clarence Dennis
1. CDC will prepare an itemized list of all items of supply and other running expenses, such as parking, etc.
2. CDC will get from the Department of Surgery an itemized list of all expenses charged against the Cancer Detection Center.
3. CDC will get from either Jim Coggins or Bernard Ley full disclosures of budgetary publications made to any agency at all about expenses and earnings of CDC.
4. Since Assistant Vice President Vikmanis the day after this meeting drew the conclusion from materials which had become available to him about the expenses of CDC that the total budget of the CDC is about $600,000 and that it would cost any subsidizing agency that amount to keep it alive, Therefore, the CDC should prepare a fresh report indicating that CDC receives directly from members and their insurance companies about three quarters of the cost of operation. It should thus be made clear that what CDC needs is a subsidy of one quarter of the budget of CDC as provided by James Coggins to Dr. Dennis in 1992.
5. Mr. Hart will appoint a small group to look into the matters of correlation of CDC with the Comprehensive Cancer Program, with U-CARE; and with other departments than Surgery, looking toward development of:
a) A multi clinical-departmental entity which will share the operation or, support of, and forward-looking guidance of a single enlarged CDC.
b) A similar (or identical) group to explore the same in terms of and Executive-Type Screening Clinic which would seek arrangements with corporations in the metropolitan area by which those corporations might send their selected individuals annually for over-all review to be funded as business expenses by those corporations. Action on this matter will depend upon prompt completion of items 1, 2, 3, and 4 above.
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