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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Clarence Dennis to John F. Najarian pdf (72,169 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Clarence Dennis to John F. Najarian
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1991-06-08 (June 8, 1991)
Dennis, Clarence
Najarian, John F.
University of Minnesota. Cancer Detection Center
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Cancer Detection Center (CDC), University of Minnesota, 1983-2000
SubSeries: Administrative Files, 1987-2000
Folder: Diary - CDC, 1990-1994
June 8, 1991
Dear John,
1. As I mentioned to you during Surgery Conference on June 8, I am needed in regard to the estates of my two cousins in Washburn and Ashland, Wisconsin, the week of June 10. We shall be staying at our place at Cable. In case of need, the phone number there is (715)798-3857.
2. United Hospital in St. Paul is reported to be planning a very ambitious and well financed program to set up a cancer detection and treatment center. My understanding is that the Chief of Therapeutic Radiology here at the University is also Chief of Therapeutic Radiology at United Hospital. Information has been leaked to me that the authorities would like to be approached by me about the possibility of setting up a joint venture. I am uneasy about such a move on several counts. Apparently the United Hospital would be willing to set up a Cancer Detection Center which might house our unit very nicely at no cost to us. I am mentioning this solely with the thought that recognition of such possibility might catalyze development of the kind of space on campus we would like to have.
3. Stanley Williams and I met last week Dr. Jack Mandel, Dr. Timothy Church, and some associates of the Colon Cancer Project re streamlining collaboration, and we came away pleased with the cooperative spirit, which became frankly enjoyable. I shall meet Dr. Rothenberger again on June 18. We have a cordial relationship.
4. Stanley pointed out to me that there is a Minnesota Statute enacted in 1988 which makes it obligatory upon any health insurance company working in this state to cover costs of Pap smears, mammograms, etc. in cancer screening centers. My reading of the clause suggests this might cover the whole cost of running the Center, and I have consulted Ann Russell, Associate University Attorney. She may contact this office during my absence, as she is researching the matter. If she does, you may hear from this office during my absence.
5. Your letter to Mr. Dickler about CDC space suggests perhaps you have revised your thoughts about moving for better space even if the duration of occupation of that space might be for only a few months. Is this the case?
Clarence D.
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