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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Clarence Dennis to John F. Najarian pdf (87,157 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Clarence Dennis to John F. Najarian
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1991-07-03 (July 3, 1991)
Dennis, Clarence
Najarian, John F.
University of Minnesota. Cancer Detection Center
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Cancer Detection Center (CDC), University of Minnesota, 1983-2000
SubSeries: Administrative Files, 1987-2000
Folder: Diary - CDC, 1990-1994
July 3, 1991
Dear John,
I wish to express my appreciation for the constant support you have provided in attempting to strengthen the Cancer Detection Center.
It is a source of concern to me, however, that we still have made no progress in improving the accommodations for the office and the examining area in contiguity. All I have heard from Mr. Dickler suggests that we may be moved out of the Station 41 area soon, but we have no idea to what point except that Station 53 has been vacated by Psychiatry and stands empty today. The location of the office has not been scheduled for relocation, and there is as yet no clue as to when it may be moved.
In the meantime, I find that the help in this office is very unhappy with it. They (and I) are feeling claustrophobic; we all would love to have some bit of daylight. If this is not going to happen soon, it would help greatly to make the office presentable. The items which are most in need of refreshment are:
1. There is a hole in the ceiling and in the walls of the south room which has been there ever since the tunnel cut through the CDC. Request for repair was made when I started to work here. Dust and old plaster fall from the defects onto the excellent copy machine below. On occasion water has also fallen there.
2. The south room is used by our examiners on a daily basis. For some reason it was not painted when the main office was, and it is dark and needs painting in some light color, as off white.
3. The carpeting in the office is threadbare and in places worm through so that there is danger of tripping over shredded carpet. We would greatly appreciate new carpeting as was done at once in the rooms CDC lost because of the tunnel.
4. The south room is dark enough to made reading difficult for the examiners, who have no choice except to work there on their charts. A request was placed for better lighting some two months ago, but nothing has happened.
We are developing more room by getting rid of most of the file cabinets which Victor kept filled with charts, which are now being gradually removed to the Record Room where they belong. We are also exploring exchanges of office furniture with the Storagehouse to make a more efficient office.
Operations are gradually improving, and we all would be very appreciative if it might be possible to improve the atmosphere in this office as a matter of morale as well as efficiency.
Once again, I truly thank you for your solid support all along the way.
Clarence Dennis, M.D.
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