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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Conf among Najarian, Greg Hart, Bill Sullivan, Stan Wms, and CD pdf (178,331 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Conf among Najarian, Greg Hart, Bill Sullivan, Stan Wms, and CD
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1992-10-23 (October 23, 1992)
Dennis, Clarence
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Series: Cancer Detection Center (CDC), University of Minnesota, 1983-2000
SubSeries: Administrative Files, 1987-2000
Folder: Diary - CDC, 1990-1994
Oct. 23, 1992 Conf among Najarian, Greg Hart, Bill Sullivan, Stan Wms, and CD.
This mtg was called at the request of Mr. Hart, and, it quickly became apparent that it was called in response to the outcome of the meeting of Oct. 16 when Sharon Farscht, Mary Sumpmann, Bill Sullivan, Jim Coggins, and I met an Oct. 16 at which we had demanded that the erroneous short clip be taken off the air.
Following the above, I scheduled a meeting among Najarian, Kersey, Sumpmann, Coggins, Sullivan, and CD for 4 PM on Monday, Oct. 19, 1992 to take place in Dr. Najarians' office. At about 3 PM a phone call was received in CDC to state that Dr. Kersey would not be able to make it. Neither he nor Mary Sumpmann appeared at the meeting.
At that meeting, at 4 PM on Oct. 19, the only matter accomplished was that Dr. Najarian was given a clear understanding of events as they have developed.
At today's meeting, 11 AM Oct. 23, Bill Sullivan reported that he had seen Dr. Kersey and Mary Sumpmann in one of the hallways in Surgery Office on the way in and that he then saw them leaving at about the time when Mr. Hart was arriving. Apparently they had planned to attend and had been intercepted by Greg and advised he would rather attend alone.
When we first met today, John Najarian showed us a letter from the Dean reproving everyone for squabbling and giving the Univ. a bad reputation.
Mr. Hart started with presentation of the views of Sumpmann and Kersey. I assured him that CDC had proceeded as we had agreed at the joint meeting we had some weeks ago with the Dean. In other words, we had approached everyone concerned with proposals of close collaboration and mutual support and literally had done so, including discussions of the phone numbers and our present and intended method of screening patients for entry to CDC and our belief after 44 years of operation that it should be done directly by CDC inasmuch as it screens for all types of screenable cancers, which no other "screening clinic" at the Univ. of Minnesota does. I explained about our discussions about the radio shorts, that Sumpmann had introduced the phone number of the Comp. Cancer Program and told us she was not doing so, that in-so-far-as we knew only one patient had been referred to the CDC through the radio shorts during a time when the Univ. phone operators told us that their board was flooded with calls responding to that advt. Dr. Najarian pointed out the situation as it looks from his vantage point, and finally Hart professed that the whole matter was one in which he has no strong feelings and that he understands our situation. I offered that if he wishes us to have further discussions on these matters with the attackers, I would appreciate it greatly if he would sit with us during such discussions.
Mr. Hart had expressed his unhappiness that we had called WCCO and discussed matters with Mr. Dick Molriaarity. Stan explained that he had done so and had called to ask how long the advt was to run, especially when it had appeared two days after we had been assured by Mary Sumpmann that it had been canceled. He found without inquiring that there had been some tension between WCCO and Boon and Erickson, the latter of whom had not wanted it on WCCO. Mr. Hart volunteered he was the person who had insisted it be on WCCO, so that matter was cleared.
Dr. Najarian suggested that if the radio shorts were creating such a furor we should be happy to forget than for a while since we appear to be doing nicely without them and can expect a large new group in the Comprehensive Health Care Program anyway.
I believe the ball was left in Mr. Greg Hart's court and that he will call for more meetings as he sees fit.
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