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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Credentialing of MDs and RNs examining in CDC pdf (160,074 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Credentialing of MDs and RNs examining in CDC
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1993-07-27 (July 27, 1993)
Dennis, Clarence
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SUNY Stony Brook and Retirement, 1975-1996
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Series: Cancer Detection Center (CDC), University of Minnesota, 1983-2000
SubSeries: Administrative Files, 1987-2000
Folder: Diary - CDC, 1990-1994
Credentialing of MD's and RN's examining in CDC
Meeting with Dr.Naj and M.J. Towle, July 27, 1993.
John explained that the question of credentialing of personnel in CDC needs proper updating. I welcomed the opportunity and stated I did so because I have been to Jim Coggins repeatedly trying to get this clarified, and he had assured me that the title of "Clinical Physician" covered everything nicely. M.J. explained that this is not sufficient, and that anyone who deals with patients within the University premises is required to have a departmental academic title and also a hospital title and to have malpractice insurance coverage. I stated that Jim Coggins assured me that our examiners were covered automatically since they are regarded as clinical employees. This insurance coverage is also not sufficient. I indicated that the examiners work for $30/ hour and would probably lose interest if they had to get insurance on their own.
M.J. Towle showed Stanley and C.D. sets of forms for us to make out, suggesting that for this purpose we should fill in only that portion that speaks of history and physical examination.
Dr. Naj. suggested that all of us must submit these forms, and M.J. cited M.E. Wells as indicating that we either should have this done within two weeks or the CDC would be closed!! This could be contested, but it would be silly to do so now that we finally know what is needed.
The resolution:
1. Dennis will acquaint all personnel about the need for these forms and CV's.
2. Between the Departmental Office and the CDC Office the necessary signatures of approval of the Departmental Chairmen involved will be obtained. In the unlikely event of refusal, Dr. Najarian will see to appointment of any so involved as faculty of the Department of Surgery.
3. Any needed insurance will be secured through the Admin. Director of the Dept. of Surgery. It is probable that the minimal cost involved will be covered by the Department.
4. Anyone granted Emeritus status here may retain clinical privileges in the hospital.
Clarence Dennis
This matter ties into that of malpractice insurance for me and for the examiners in the CDC. See in paper file under Malpract. Ins.
Page 1 of this memo was Xeroxed and distributed to all professional folks in CDC, i.e., M.D.'s and R.N.'s. When they understood that they have not been covered for many months there was resentment, and I joined them in this since I have in my Malpractice paper file assurance from the St. Paul Companies that I am insured as of 1991. Larry Kotek prepared a letter which impelled me into taking instant action. He asked me to wait late to read that letter, in which he refused to do any examining at all until he is informed in formal written manner that he is covered. I took him and Dr. Belz (who turns out not to be in Germany after all) up to see Mary Jane Towle, my feeling being this crisis is too acute to allow waiting for progress through channels as had been request of Dr. Najarian on July 27. She explained that the economy drive of the University had abolished the insurance office of the University months ago and that the Board of Regents had decided months ago that proper insurance is the responsibility of each individual physician. About This Abolition Of The Supposed Coverage Through The Dept. Of Surgery No Notification To Me Or Anyone Else In The CDC. She informed me that as of that moment and for several months past all the examiners were acting without coverage except me, Amra, and Belz, these three being exceptions because they had been provided coverage on account of flex-sig exam preparations.
We and Mary Jane went to Jim Coggins' office and talked to him and his sec. Coverage will cost about $1,000 for each examiner, but Dr. Najarian had volunteered that the Department would cover this. Jim provided Larry with applications from St. Paul Companies Des Moines Office which Larry filled out on the, and Jim phoned the Des Moines Office and faxed it to Tom Dahlback in Des Moines, the branch office of St. Paul Companies which handles the Surgical Faculty. Confirmation was faxed back and placed in Larry's insurance file, a copy also to him.
I phoned Elmer Martinson at home, and the faxing process was repeated early this morning, July 29, for Dr. Martinson.
Dr. Neal Gault helped us by examining also this morning, which was heavy, 15 patients, because some patients could not be reached for cancellations.
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