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The Clarence Dennis Papers

Letter from Clarence Dennis to Ben Eiseman pdf (69,012 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Clarence Dennis to Ben Eiseman
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1964-05-04 (May 4, 1964)
Dennis, Clarence
Eiseman, Ben
University of Kentucky. Medical Center
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Building a Department of Surgery at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, 1951-1972
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Writings and Lectures, 1937-2000
SubSeries: Talks and Lectures, 1949-2000
Folder: 9/9-10/64: National Research Council on Mechanical Devices to Assist the Failing Heart (Washington, DC)
May 4, 1964
Dear Ben:
Thanks so much for the letter which you sent to me dated April 13. I apologize for being this slow in answering it, but as you know have been away from town much of the time since that date. It looks to me as though you had opened something of a Pandora's box in setting up the program for the Failing Heart Conference. I think you have done an excellent job in organizing same and would make only a small number of tentative, rather hesitant, suggestions. In the first place, under Item D, I would suggest the possibility of including Peter Salisbury here also as a discussant. He has a whole series of publications on this subject.
Under Techniques (f) the left auricular cannulation and bypass I believe was originally Senning's idea. It is true that we pursed the matter jointly, but if Senning is to attend the conference I should be very pleased indeed to have him present this particular material. People in general in the United States have been inclined to give the credit to the Americans on the team rather than to Senning where I think so much of it belongs. In many ways it seems to me that Item f and Item j overlap in considerable measure so that I wonder if they might not be somehow combined.
Aside from these points, I think the program looks excellent and I certainly commend you upon it. With best regards, I remain,
Very sincerely yours,
Clarence Dennis, M.D.
Professor and Chairman
Department of Surgery
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