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The Oswald T. Avery Collection

Letter from Harriet Zuckerman to Joshua Lederberg Annotation pdf (76,244 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Harriet Zuckerman to Joshua Lederberg
Item is a photocopy.
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1973-03-19 (March 19, 1973)
Zuckerman, Harriet
Lederberg, Joshua
Reproduced with permission of Harriet Zuckerman.
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After the Discovery: The Transforming Principle's Reception by the Scientific Community
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Commentary on Avery and His Work, 1944-2005
SubSeries: Inquiries on Avery
Folder: Lederberg Inquiries, 1962, 1972-1978
March 19, 1973
Dear Josh,
My assistant has exhausted the patience of the librarians at Schermerhorn and the Medical School and was only able to turn up the following:
[HANDWRITTEN: (2)] 1. White, Biology of Pneumococcus, 1938 is not in the Schermerhorn Zoology Library.
2. The libraries have no record of the date of acquisition of volume 79, 1944, The Journal of Experimental Medicine but they did say that it came back from the bindery on November 13, 1944. There is no record anymore of who checked it out.
3. There is no date of acquisition or bindery date for the Journal of Hygiene, volume 27, 1928 but they were able to supply a list of borrowers during the period you requested. These were
1938 H. Alexander [HANDWRITTEN: <- later published on transformation in Hemophilus]
4/25/41 Dr. Haskins
9/21/41 Dr. Douglas J. Dolan
4/27/42 Dr. Seegel
5/6/44 F. Melzer
6/16/45 J. Lederberg [HANDWRITTEN: <- you know about. At least some validation of the method!]
[HANDWRITTEN: (1)] I hope this is some small help and will be interested to know if my reconstructions of the reasons for your questions come close to being right. Hope all is well.
Warm wishes,
Harriet Zuckerman
Associate Professor
[HANDWRITTEN: Thank you Harriet. (1) Yes, very much so (2) This is the only surprise. Any chance of seeing if any Schermerhornites checked out the P&S copy? (Dolby; Dunn; Taylor; Regan; myself?) - see attach. Many thanks! Josh.]
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Annotation by Joshua Lederberg:
KW: I had asked HAZ for some help in tracking who the earliest readers
of key works on the pneumococcus transformation might be at the Columbia
P&S library.  In those days, readers' names were logged on the takeout
cards.  The White book (chapters) have been scanned for the Avery collection here.
Item 2. is the Avery et al 1944 paper.  Item 3. is Griffith (1928)
also scanned here.  Note my own record as of 6/16/45.  Hattie Alexander
was notable later for her studies on transformation in Neisseria..
I don't recognize other raeders.

jl  2/20/00