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The Oswald T. Avery Collection

Some Recollections by Our Panel pdf (56,021 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Some Recollections by Our Panel
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1994-02-03 (February 3, 1994)
[Olby, Robert C.]
Reproduced with permission of Robert C. Olby.
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After the Discovery: The Transforming Principle's Reception by the Scientific Community
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Programs (documents)
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Series: Commentary on Avery and His Work, 1944-2005
SubSeries: Inquiries on Avery
Folder: 50th Anniversary of the 1944 Article, 1993-1995
Seymour Cohen
Virus Induced Enzymes, 1968.
"Recollections on the Northrop Hypothesis and the Origins of Virus Induced Enzymes," Protein Science (January 1994).
Erwin Chargaff
Heraclitean Fire - Sketches from Life Before Nature, 1978.
"How Genetics Got a Chemical Education," Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 325 (1979): 345-360.
Maclyn McCarty
The Transforming Principle - Discovering that Genes are Made of DNA, 1985.
"Reminiscences of the Early Days of Transformation," Ann. Rev. Genetics, 14 (1980): 1-15.
Rollin Hotchkiss
"Gene, Transforming Principle, and DNA," in Phage and the Origins of Molecular Biology, 1966, pp. 180-200.
"The Identification of Nucleic Acids as Genetic Determinants," Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 325 (1979): 321-342.
Alfred Hershey
"The Injection of DNA into Cells by Phage," in Phage and Origins of Molecular Biology, pp. 100-108.
Joshua Lederberg
"Genetic Recombination in Bacteria: A Discovery Account," Ann. Rev. Genetics, 21 (1987): 23-46.
"The Transformation of Genetics by DNA," Genetics, 136 (1994): 2.
Nature 1944 - 2 refs. to Avery.
Ken Cooper 1954
S Cohen 1944 - "estimation of DNA important a/c Avery." JBC. ?cited
" 1947 phage DNA attempted cross. CSH.
[Stanley-tried to make mutations in TMV protein]
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