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The Oswald T. Avery Collection

Letter from Oswald T. Avery to Roy and Catherine Avery pdf (164,318 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Oswald T. Avery to Roy and Catherine Avery
In this letter to his brother and sister-in-law, Avery discusses the conclusion of his recent trip to Deer Isle, a legal matter, and the shipment of pneumococcus cultures to Roy. He further wishes Catherine a happy birthday and discusses the recent departure of A. R. Dochez's brother from the New York apartment, thus requiring that the roommates purchase new furniture.
Item is handwritten.
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1934-10-03 (October 3, 1934)
Avery, Oswald T.
Avery, Roy
Avery, Catherine
Original Repository: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Oswald T. Avery Papers
Courtesy of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
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Oct 3.34
Mailed 9am Oct 4.
Dear Catherine and Roy:--
Not another day shall pass without my sending a line of greeting--and never a day passes,--how quickly they go--but that I think of you three and [thoroughly] long for the return of those days on Deer Isle.
Well, we got off in a blaze of glory--the heavy lid was hoisted on to the tank by block and tackle as easily as putting a cap on a milk bottle: Dictator came up the marine railway under man power as gracefully as the ascent of a hydroplane with a dozen or more of spectators from town and Point Chesney--Rodney and his gang.
at the winch--
O yes, the wells which went dry the day you left--but we pumped from the old stagnant reserve for flushing purposes and carried our supply for domestic purposes from Mrs. Schrouders in old Dodger which [car] by the way I stored in Haskell and Pickering's garage for the total sum of $8.00 until our return next year.
Before I left I wrote you a letter but never mailed it for on re-reading it I found I had said some rather bitter things about that Insurance Co and decided I better wait and see if they didn't have a change of heart about meeting their obligation--so I'm just waiting to hear
their final decision as to payment. I'm consumed with curiosity to know.
Whether they pay or not, I want you to know that I stand ready to help you meet all liens of the subcontractors--so don't worry on that score. My only regret is that you have been subjected to all this annoyance. Do let me hear what the outcome is--If necessary I can get the whole case reviewed by good legal talent here and get the best possible advice as to chance of successful suit if they fail to meet their obligations. However, I hope by now things have cleared up--if not don't hesitate to call on me--only give me
as much time as possible before that 90 days expires so that I can adjust my finances in case of need.
O yes indeed I thought of you Cath on the 28th. Meant to wire you but got side tracked. Funny about Birthdays--children adore them--grown up(s) deplore them yet the more we have of them the more we want. Here's to many of the happiest possible for you. M and O sent a wee gift from the Little House on the Cove--I hope the Lady didn't forget the date and got them off in time.
Roy did you get the cultures of Pneumococcus and Friedlander--I asked that they be sent and I'm sure they were
Let me know if they're not right.
Things have started off with a bang in the Lab--the Englishman arrives this week, making the twelfth man in my little group of serious workers.
Al Dochez has taken only some of his (our) furniture and with the addition of a few pieces Do and I will be very comfortably fixed.
Lots of love--and an extra share for Margaret,
Faithfully and Affly,
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