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The Oswald T. Avery Collection

Citations Accompanying Avery Medals at Namru II Dinner, Gridiron Club--November 2, 1944 pdf (166,056 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Citations Accompanying Avery Medals at Namru II Dinner, Gridiron Club--November 2, 1944
Although he worked as a member emeritus for several more years, Avery's official retirement from the Rockefeller Institute came in 1944. His retirement dinner, held in November of that year, was also a send-off for many of his fellow Rockefeller researchers that would soon be leaving for the South Pacific to aid the U.S. war effort. Reflecting the revelry and esprit de corps that often mark such occasions, his colleagues presented Avery with several of these "awards" and "citations."
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1944-11-02 (November 2, 1944)
Original Repository: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Oswald T. Avery Papers
Courtesy of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
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After the Discovery: The Transforming Principle's Reception by the Scientific Community
Metadata Record Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind, or You've Got to Have It in Your Genes (November 2, 1944) pdf (540,605 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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American Association of Medal Manufacturers
A deep sense of obligation has moved the American Association of Medal Manufacturers to present to you its first annual award, the Avery Medal. Almost single handed you have kept this important industry on a firm basis for many years, years which have witnessed the downfall of other of our most treasured institutions and customs. Your great qualities of mind and heart, your determination and strength in bearing up under this burden of awards, your unflinching courage in the face of the presentation addresses will be a bright beacon, a guiding light to those who would follow in your steps.
"Honi soit qui mal y pense."
The Beach Babies of Deer Isle present the Life Saver's Medal for 1944 to Babe Avery. This small token of their sun warmed affection carries with it fondest memories of rollicking gambols on the sand.
The Society of Scientific Writers
The Society of Scientific Writers is honored to present to Oswald Theodore Avery its semi-annual de Kruif award for signal service in the popular dissemination of medical misinformation. No other author of our day has written more easily, more effortlessly and with such wide appeal of the day by day discoveries in his own and other laboratories. No other scientist of our day has so foresworn the ivory tower and from the rostrum, the platform, on the radio and in the lay press brought to every village and hamlet in this fair country of ours, to every man and woman, the knowledge of what science can do to relieve them of the doleful burden of disease.
American Society of Hairdressers and Beauticians
To Oswald Theodore Avery, in gratitude for his contributions to transformations, the American Society of Hairdressers and Beauticians in plenary congress has unanimously voted to confer upon you the Charles of the Ritz medal. It has been apparent to this Society, that although the significance of your work has been appreciated abroad, all too little attention has been paid to it at home. The women of America are forever in your debt. You have removed the opprobrium from the wig and created for transformations an honored place in the life of the nation.
The Willing Officers Ladies Volunteer Escort Service has determined to award The Wolf of the Year Medal to O. Theodore Avery. That this highest honor should be accorded to any other than the above named recipient will be obviously unthinkable to all of the initiate.
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