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The Virginia Apgar Papers

Letter from Virginia Apgar to Helen Apgar pdf (232,345 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Virginia Apgar to Helen Apgar
In this letter, an enthusiastic Apgar told her mother about her first few days at Mount Holyoke College.
Item is a photocopy.
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September 1925
Apgar, Virginia
[Apgar, Helen]
Original Repository: Mount Holyoke College. Archives and Special Collections. Virginia Apgar Papers [MS 0504]
Reproduced with permission of Peter A. Apgar.
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence 1925-1974
Folder: 1925-1934
Sept. 1925
Dearest Muv
At last time to write a little. I'll try to start at the beginning. I was very glad to see the coat although I tried not to worry. Did Father tip the porter? I did too. The trip was delightful. I was not the least bit too warm. I bot an American and read that some. At Springfield, another girl asked me if I were going to Holyoke. So we went to H. together. Her name was Juanite Sticke1. I can't stand her. She said right off that she didn't want to come to Holyoke and wasn't going to like it. I haven't seen her since. Wel1, we got in a bus and rode to the Gates. It cost 25 cents, only l cent cheaper than the trolley, and was much more comfortable and quicker. We proceeded to the Registrar's office where we filled out cards and were given our room number and a slip with about 5 different things to do, that is, See adviser, speech exam, library visit, etc. I was quite surprised to hear I had a roommate. I got a little boy to carry all my truck over here, since this house is the farthest dorm from Mary Lyon. But I don't care about the distance now. I trotted up stairs and my roommate Mary Southwick was there to meet me. She had driven over from Leicester, where she lives, with her family. We had plenty to do until dinner at 6:15. The meals are very good. I can't remember anything we had to tell you. There was a very thin blanket and a counterpane on the beds. That's what I slept on the first night. When Mary came there was practically no furniture but she asked for more so now we have 2 chiffs, 2 beds, 2 straight chairs, 2 rockers, 2 tables and a bookcase. The walls are papered with plain brown paper. All the rooms are different, in respect to wallpaper. Some are green. I'm glad ours is brown. There is a big double closet with 2 rods and about 14 hooks. There is one large window facing the west. We are comfortably settled except the trunks aren't quite all unpacked. Mary brought pictures and I have curtains. I hung them this morning. They are exactly the right size, plenty long enough, which I didn't expect. I put the shoe bag up and it certainly is handy.
Monday was quite warm. But yesterday all day, the temperature was about 39 or 40. Quite a change from the warm weather home. My hands are so cold I can hardly typewrite. Everybody is freezing. I have plenty of covers for my bed.
What we've done. They've kept us all so busy with lectures, etc. that we've hardly had 10 minutes to ourselves. At 8:45 yesterday we went to the Music building and were lectured at by Miss Woolley on the subject of Mary Lyon. Very good. At about 10, we went to the auditorium in Clapp, and were given an English vocabulary test, l50 expressions, one word of which was italicized, and 5 words of which we were to underline the synonym of the italicized word. Then we went back to the music bldg and listened to a lecture all about the curriculum. We adjourned for lunch and then went back and heard about extra curricular interests. That was especially good. From 3 until 5 we all made a tour of the campus, and believe me, we didn't miss a thing, not even upper lake. We must have walked about 5 miles. We were divided up into groups of 30 and were led by the few upperclassmen who are here now. At five, I went to the registrar's office and got my schedule card. We came home and found my trunk. I got out my rosewood dress and wore it to the Freshman banquet in S.A.H., given for the faculty. I danced a little after. I unpacked my trunk a little and made my bed and got in it. I'm awfully conscientious about the 10 o'clock rule. I promised to wake up some body at 6 this A.M. to study trig with me, but I arose at 7:15 instead. I meant to tell you the menu last night. A slice of ham, creamed celery fried sweet potatoes, olives, rolls, jam, tomato salad, ice cream swimming in cooked raspberries and cake. Some dinner. To-day Miss Blakely gave a lecture on the Libe and then I went to the Psychology tests. They were tERRIBLE. There were eight parts. I think I got along quite well. 12:45. Time for lunch Yum-yum. Just finished dinner. Had my Trig this afternoon, I got about 10 on it. It was inhuman! I have solid tomorrow A.M. We just had a wonderful dinner-Pork, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, scalloped onions, tomatoes and pie.
I met Winnie this P.M. at the gates and took her bag over to Pearsons. I got Six letters etc in my box to-day. Your lovely one, Aunt May's, my big sister's, and some more. I had to pay 80 cents for my trunk storage and 25 for the express package which I haven't found yet. You say in your letters to do all I can for Win, well it happens that I'm about 1/2 mile from her. I'11 probably see her very seldom altho I'll make every effort to often. The librarians fell all over me when they found out I was to help there. I have my schedule cards now. On Fri, I have every one of my subjects. I ABSOLUTELY can't write another word except that I'm very well and happy but I haven't one minute even to breathe. You ought to hear what my big sister has planned for me. I hear she's in the choir, in most of the dramatics and a debater. All the juniors seem to know her and like her. I'm on my way to the music building to hear the Dean. Loads of love to all. I received the typewriting paper, envelops and journal. I can never thank you enough for them. Good-night
Jimmy -- that's what they're calling me
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