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The Michael Heidelberger Papers

Letter from Michael Heidelberger to Clark W. Eichelberger, American Association for the United Nations pdf (84,135 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Michael Heidelberger to Clark W. Eichelberger, American Association for the United Nations
After the death of his first wife, Nina, in 1946, Heidelberger continued her work on behalf of the American Association for the United Nations, an organization of supporters of the newly-founded international body. Over the course of the next decade, Heidelberger regularly wrote and spoke publicly on behalf of the United Nations, which he regarded as the main guarantor of world peace.
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1948-07-13 (July 13, 1948)
Heidelberger, Michael
Eichelberger, Clark W.
American Association for the United Nations
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United Nations
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Antigens and Antibodies: Heidelberger and The Rise of Quantitative Immunochemistry, 1928-1954
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Letters (correspondence)
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July 13, 1948
Dear Clark,
It seemed to me that the resolutions offered the other day for presentation at Geneva were scarcely consequential enough. What would you think of something along these lines?
WHEREAS the United Nations' Commission for the Creation of International Armed Force (insert exact name) is composed exclusively (omit is not true) of military men and is now but in session at frequent intervals for years without reaching agreement,
BE IT PROPOSED that the commission be discharged in this membership replaced by civilians so distinguished in the sciences, arts and professions that they've may be considered capable of the original and far-sighted thinking necessary to reach agreement on the disputed issues.
I realize that the above contains technical errors did you kill the many fees and Dana Backus can put it into customary form. I would like good, vigorous evidence to come from our group and that we are tired of conventional thinking on such matters and willing to recommend a more daring approach. After all, it is civilians, not soldiers, who made modern war so dreadful a thing of that civilization dare not allow another; it is the imaginative civilian, therefore, will best be able to devise means for agreement on international force to prevent war.
Perhaps you would like to put the preceding sentence, too, into the proposed resolution. Possibly the mere presentation of this resolution would have some beneficial prodding effect.
Let me know what you think of it.
Hoping you and Rose had a fine and restful vacation,
Michael Heidelberger
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