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The Michael Heidelberger Papers

[Lab notes on complement fixation experiments] pdf (442,571 Bytes)
[Lab notes on complement fixation experiments]
These notes document Heidelberger's experiments on complement fixation during a critical period of research through which Heidelberger showed that complement, until then a poorly understood component of antibodies, consisted of a group of specific chemical substances, most likely protein. At the time, the term referred to the heat-sensitive factors in serum that trigger cytolysis, the dissolution of antibody-coated cells. Today, complement is understood as a functionally related system of at least twenty different serum proteins that play a key enzymatic role not just in cytolysis, but in other immune responses, including phagocytosis, the engulfing of foreign matter by immune cells, and anaphylaxis, a form of hypersensitivity reaction to a specific antigen with often life-threatening consequences. Heidelberger described the methods and results of these experiments in two articles on complement published in 1941.
Item is handwritten.
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9 (442,571 Bytes)
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October-November 1940
[Heidelberger, Michael]
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Complement System Proteins
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Antigens and Antibodies: Heidelberger and The Rise of Quantitative Immunochemistry, 1928-1954
Metadata Record Quantitative Chemical Studies on Complement or Alexin: I. A Method (June 1941) pdf (1,313,965 Bytes) ocr (39,681 Bytes)
Metadata Record Quantitative Chemical Studies on Complement or Alexin: II. The Interrelation of Complement with Antigen-Antibody Compounds and with Sensitized Red Cells (June 1941) pdf (1,433,079 Bytes) ocr (41,507 Bytes)
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Laboratory notes
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Series: MS C 245a (second finding aid)
SubSeries: Research notes, 1929-1990 (bulk 1929-1960)
Folder: Complement Fixation Notes, c. 1938-41
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