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The Maxine Singer Papers

Letter from Leon A. Heppel to Maxine Singer pdf (128,980 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Leon A. Heppel to Maxine Singer
Item is handwritten.
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2 June 1968?
[Heppel, Leon A.]
[Singer, Maxine]
Original Repository: Library of Congress. Maxine Singer Papers
Reproduced with permission of Leon A. Heppel.
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Nucleic Acids, the Genetic Code, and Transposable Genetic Elements: A Life in Research
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Folder Number: 2
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1955-2004, n.d.
SubSeries: Chronological
Folder: 1968 January-June
June 2
Dear Maxine --
I hope things go well with you. The manuscript was very lovely -- I should have written sooner.
The National Observer has a long article about Washington and the Sunday Times Magazine has two accounts of recent troubles. It sounds pretty grim. I still feel an urge to visit again soon. We had my former technician and her fiancee over for the evening last night. She will be working for Roseman starting next month. Alan told them what to see in Washington and it made us somewhat homesick just to talk about it.
February, March and part of April covered quite a slump period for me. The lectures kept me out of the lab and the work did not go well. For that matter, the lectures, in spite of exhaustive preparation, did not go particularly well either. We have a student evaluation sheet provided with the final examination. Some of the comments were quite pleasing, others were devastating. A good number rated the content of the lectures as good and the presentation poor. A surprising complication was that the lecturing made me nervous and it showed. Giving seminars and other outside lectures has never bothered me, even when the material was somewhat
controversial and there was a risk that someone would ask an unfriendly question. I don't know why it bothered be to address these beginners on a subject which I know forwards and backwards -- elementary nucleic acid biochemistry.
The research is going quite well now and we're extremely busy. We have evidence for two new binding proteins, are for glucose-6-P and one for [ . . . ] -glyccers P. The one for [ . . . ] -glyccers P is present only in cells induced for uptake. We are still on shakey ground because both binding activities could turn out to be merely the binding of substrate by some hydrolytic enzyme on glcerokinase or some other extraneous enzyme that happened to be induced along with transport activity. Certain evidence already rules out glcerskinase and hydrolases for [ . . . ] -glyccers P but not with certainty. There's nothing to do but fractiucte[?] and have faith. Along with these major efforts we have other work going on concerned with the mechanism of induction of the gluc-6-P transport system, which is rather nice and seems to be holding up. I'll tell you about it
in another letter. My post-doctoral fellows, George Dietz and Clem Furlong are quite good, especially Furlong (Preiss's lab). However, it helps a lot when I have the opportunity to be active in the lab, and I've worked day and night for some 4 weeks now. It's a bit tiring.
The weather has been very lovely in my estimation. Other people wouldn't say so and would point out that Ithaca has had 22 rainy days out of 31 since May 2.
However, there's nothing wrong with a gentle spring rain and we've usually had some lovely sunny interval almost every day. The landscape is exquisitely fresh and green, and we have countless flowers and birds. It's quite a treat. It wasn't crowded, even with students about, and now the town is positively peaceful.
Alan was in a remarkably good production of "Dark of the Moon." The head of the drama dept. of Ithaca College said be considered it to be of professional quality and Ithaca College is noted for music and drama. Later, he was in a band concert that was also remarkably good. Twice the band has been led by a first rate composer for classical
band and they've received some nice compliments. They rehearsed like mad. For over three months I drove Alan to the high school -- down by the lake, and picked him up again 3 hours later. This involved a 3 mile drive down and up a steep hill, in the evening mostly in treacherous winter weather.
Why don't you visit Expo 68 this year? It's supposed to be very good. You could break up the trip by staying overnight with us coming and going.
Give my best to everyone in the section.
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