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The Maxine Singer Papers

Letter from Leon A. Heppel to Maxine Singer pdf (119,321 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Leon A. Heppel to Maxine Singer
Item is handwritten.
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3 June 1974
[Heppel, Leon A.]
Cornell University
[Singer, Maxine]
Original Repository: Library of Congress. Maxine Singer Papers
Reproduced with permission of Leon A. Heppel.
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Biographical Information
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1955-2004, n.d.
SubSeries: Alphabetical
Folder: Heppel, Leon A., 1955-ca. 1959, 1968-1988, 2004, n.d.
June 3
Dear Maxine,
I was delighted to receive your letter and I'm sorry to be so slow to write. You must be enjoying a very rich experience indeed, raising a family and working in the state of Israel. I have an Israeli post-doc now, from Jerusalem and Ef has two. We get lots of visitors from there. Harold Schleaga[?] said he saw a fair amount of you. I hope that Dan found the story profitable. I look forward to seeing you when you return. I'll probably give a seminar in N.I.H. in October.
Regrettably I've mislaid your letter (my desk is still a mess). You described what you were doing, but I forgot. Therefore I can't make any comments concerning your research. Another letter, maybe, will have some such comment (if I locate your letter).
Marianne was due to visit here for a week but changed her mind about coming to the USA this year. Beth Keller has lots of reservations about recent work from Marianne's lab. I wouldn't know because I don't follow protein synthesis. That's David Wilson's department. It's a big enough strain to keep up with nucleic acids when no longer my major field of interest.
Things seem to be moving along at a frenetic pace in the lab, and have been since early March. Before that I was in a long slump, roughly from Nov to March. I don't know which periods are more wearing, the up period or the down periods. In my slump periods I sleep 9-10 hours, not a lot, accomplished little and feel mildly depressed. That was the situation during your Cornell visit of several years ago. In my up periods I get 7 hours sleep or less, work in the lab from 740 am to 7pm, return several evenings each week, work all day Sat, all of Sun am[?] and about an hour Sunday evening. On top of this I see lots of movies, plays, musical events etc and play lots of records. It's wearing
in the last 3 weeks Adelaide and I saw "Last Picture Show", "City of Lights", "Bananas", "Play it Again Sam", "Cabaret" and "Garden of the Fizzi-Continers." We saw "Bananas" two nights ago, "Cabaret" last night and tonight we have Joel Weiner[?] and his wife for dinner after which we take them to "Night at the Opera", a Marx Bros oldie. The above list includes some remarkable films. Recent reading includes "The Best People" (high society in the U.S.A.), "The Battle of Waterloo", Twyeru's[?] "Fathers and Sons", a book of short stories by Shirley Jackson and others. We plan to see "Goldberg Variations" a fantastic N.Y. City ballet band on the Bach piece, Verdi Requiem of Sarkim[?] el[?]-Beethoven (3 nights at Saratoga Springs).
Alan has a grant to research the I.W.W. (Int. Workmen of the World) a left wing organ of about 1910-1920. He'll spend time in Boston, Wash., NYC, Ann Arbor, and Chicago. David works in a Rochester hospital for the summer.
Ithaca is lovely just now. We're excited about the variety of birds to be seen this year. Unhappily there have been severe and damaging floods in this general area with lots of property damage. Ef and Frances are fine.
Lots of Luck! Safe trip back.
Sincerely Leon
P.S. Alan has a good friend at Harvard an ermitus professor of art. He helped arrange an exhibition of his paintings and the artist, Robin Field gave Alan one of his paintings -- a view in the Lake District of England. Where is the Lake District? How many "Lake poets" were there and who are they? Which one was clearly the most mediocre? Be glad you're not in Ithaca so that people continually bombard you with trivial questions!
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