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The Donald S. Fredrickson Papers

Letter from Donald S. Fredrickson to C. Arthur Fredrickson, Blanche Fredrickson pdf (222,418 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Donald S. Fredrickson to C. Arthur Fredrickson, Blanche Fredrickson
This letter to his parents outlines Fredrickson's excitement and apprehension that the U.S. Army Reserves had been called to duty during World War II.
Item is handwritten.
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1943-03-11 (March 11, 1943)
Fredrickson, Donald S.
Fredrickson, C. Arthur
Fredrickson, Blanche
This item is in the public domain. It may be used without permission.
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March 11, 1943
Dear Mom and Dad,
I find it hard to study tonight; for, as you must already know, the Reserve has been called. It means that about 400 of us will leave the campus between April 15 and May 1.
The news has excited all of us, no one can remain still. But -- it is not a stark, terrible tragedy -- as already you are picturing it, Mom -- for, though we all are being deprived from higher education for a time, the picture of further training is bright -- both as enrollees in an army school and/or as officer candidates. Toepelmann had much to say on advance training in languages et al.. On filling out an attachment tonight, I put down as my special skill languages and my service preference as army intelligence. My background, however, is miserably weak.
I'll finish finals Thursday, March 18. It is a great problem, which the closeness of refuses to allow me to solve, whether or not to pack up and bring it all home before I leave, or to leave it and come back before the
"zero" week of April 15 begins. (no one will receive notice to report before that time, but all will be called before May 1.) They cannot recommend very strongly that we enroll next quarter because we can not reach mid-term, hence we will receive no credit, regardless of the few weeks we go. I should like, however, to attend some classes without credit here before I go; but the problem of rooms etc. will be great since we are so unsettled. I must emphatically say, though, that it is not your duty to bring the car to Boulder. All that we have can be shipped and my spine is not so bourgeoisie that it can't fit into a bus seat.
I said goodbye to Jim Rice tonight and Aunt Jane's trunk will return to Canon as soon as his parents can unpack it. It may be necessary for you to ship up Lyman's trunk if we pack up next week -- He will request it thru his parents should he have to.
After our orders come, we report to Fort Logan; there to receive our tests and assignments -- a vast number of us will
be sent back to school, following a procedure followed at Yale, Wisconsin, etc. when the reserves were called there.
None of us will probably return to Boulder, however; and many of non-technicians may not be sent anywhere for a while.
You should have heard the screams of delight, and some anguish, that arose upon the announcement tonight. It was a release for much growing tension.
It is regrettable, however, that it must come in final week. Studying is now nothing but gargantuan doses of castor oil.
Looked into my scholarship today and found that, due to possibility of Army's sending us back post-war, the University is making no promise. Am writing some letters to various people per request of my counselor.
I am not yet sure, but I don't believe that I'll return to register next quarter. It is hardly worth it, since call is so certain.
Got your card today and noted that Miss Russell is enjoying your hospitality. Hope Dad's cold gets better.
If you are now uneasy -- please feel relieved . . . because I'm relieved. Another impasse has been passed and a new chapter opened. Let's just hope I make that physical -- another reason why I should come home for those 3 plus weeks.
Lym has placed a call for his folks, who will be instructed to phone you. There is no great exigiency [sic] because a quick letter to our Congressman won't be necessary.
Hope that you will find time to special back -- telling me, in your own hampered way -- whether or not I should pack up and bring home these bundles for Reserve [?] now or make a trip up later again, cleaning up my affairs -- because April 15 in not years away.
I feel tonight as though the doctor had just said I was going to have twins -- finals and an induction notice. But I'm a happy mother-to-be.
Introduced myself to the genial head of the English department who lives below. He and I have now walked home together several times.
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