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The Donald S. Fredrickson Papers

Letter from Donald S. Fredrickson to C. Arthur and Blanche Fredrickson pdf (130,731 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Donald S. Fredrickson to C. Arthur and Blanche Fredrickson
Item is handwritten.
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1948-09-29 (September 29, 1948)
Fredrickson, Donald S.
Fredrickson, C. Arthur
Fredrickson, Blanche
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1948-1998
SubSeries: Personal Correspondence, 1948-1997
Folder: Fredrickson, C. Arthur and Blanche Sharp Fredrickson (parents), 1948-1975
September 29, 1948
Dear Mom and Dad,
Absence of letters itself should signify to you the difficulties of last two weeks. We have been extremely busy in clinics alone, not considering the needs of internship and reading. The first day back I received two patients to present to the dean the next day. Today I learn I am number 1 in my class and as such have quite a range of internship choices. I hope definitely to go into the specialty of internal medicine, and probably the academic side of same -- which means much satisfactory living, but a long period of starvation -- one year's internship and about 3-4 more on resident level, all at ridiculous salaries of something like 120-150 dollars a month -- only board and room the 1st year.
I will have no difficulty remaining at Michigan you can be sure, and may choose to do so, the academic opportunities better here. I will apply also to Boston, but I am not sure of my desire there -- most sought after internship in country, but suits less my long range plans.
Many letters from Holland. The uncle Dr. Bos, is reported to be arriving in Ann Arbor tonight. I will contact him tomorrow, rest of week will not be gay. I think (via cable from Paris) he hopes to get to Colorado -- though he may not have enough money. Currency export restrictions from Holland make rich men relatively pauperish when traveling.
[written on left margin, my record running out. If speak to Dr. about Christmas -- do not mention Heth's offer to help financially!!! Only our desire to get together -- desirability of he seeing America and my home and your slight lack of desire to send me again so soon to Europe -- frankness, but nothing of Heth's ideas on same!]
If I learn he is going I will phone you or wire. Have too few facts or suggestions to give you. He is arriving way ahead of schedule. Remember be yourselves -- as you will I know -- a little grace before meals, keep your coat on for dinner, Dad -- he better stay at home, if alone?? chauffer elsewhere (??) meeting mayor would help. Might suggest prison and range, though doubt suitability. Above all, no lavish praise of me. Straightforward account. Frank Hickey good man for him to see if he desires school "history." No "little Lamb"; no defeatism; Don't show him clippings from Europe; he seems to be mentioned. Remember I'm extremely proud of both of you and you only have to be yourselves -- have supreme confidence in your tastes.
Don't be exasperated and lose your sense of humor with the old boy -- he's less of a turtle under that great hard shell.
Whole week looming with problems -- must have first four internship choices into office this Friday -- and I don't know what I definitely want, can't get desired information and certainly don't want to waste recommendation intrinsic in being "number 1 from Michigan Med School."
Will inform as to details of next 1-2 weeks. Don't worry; all will be well. So glad to have seen you here -- and hope all of your trip was enjoyable as that here. I was almost so glad that you could see the neo-environment as I was to see you. Good wishes on the new working year. I'm afraid this year isn't any less busy than the last, but more enjoyable.
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