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The Donald S. Fredrickson Papers

"Remarks to the NIH Community" [Resignation announcement] transcript of audio
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1 minute, 33 seconds
1981-06-19 (June 19, 1981)
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
"Remarks to the NIH Community." National Institutes of Health. 01:58:53:00 - 02:00:26:00 on DigiBeta tape.
Metadata Record "Remarks to the NIH Community" [Video] (June 19, 1981)
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NIH Director, 1975-1981: Biomedical Research in a Time of Trial
Metadata Record "Remarks to the NIH Community" [Reflecting on the past] (June 19, 1981) qtmovie (573,424 Bytes) realmovie (560,996 Bytes) transcript of audio
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Metadata Record [Resignation] Letter from Donald S. Fredrickson to President Ronald Reagan (June 18, 1981) pdf (45,267 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Folder: [Compiliation] Director's Award 1981 and Resignation 1981 Jun 19, 1981
This July, I am completing my fourth seven-year term at NIH. It seems as exhilarating and certainly as worthwhile as in the summer of 1953, when my wife and I arrived in Bethesda. The last six years, however, I must confess, have been spent in the relentless company of the administrative burdens of the Director. I have decided with great difficulty and much ambivalence, that it's time for me to shed those burdens for a while, lest I forget completely how to be a scientist and a physician.
And therefore, yesterday I sent to the President a letter containing these sentences:
Dear Mr. President,
I respectfully request that on the first day of July you accept my resignation as Director of the National Institutes of Health. It is for personal reasons that I take leave of this position, which I have been honored to hold these past six years. Before then, I was also privileged to spend much of my scientific career at the National Institutes of Health.
I am most grateful, I wrote, for the continuing trust which you and Presidents Ford and Carter have extended in allowing me to lead this remarkable institution.
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