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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

Letter from Oscar Creech, Jr. to Michael E. DeBakey pdf (121,033 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Oscar Creech, Jr. to Michael E. DeBakey
Dr. Creech was on the Baylor medical faculty from 1949-1956 and co-authored several articles with DeBakey. In July 1956 he succeeded Alton Ochsner as Chair of the Department of Surgery at Tulane.
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1956-09-04 (September 4, 1956)
Creech, Oscar Jr.
Tulane University. School of Medicine
DeBakey, Michael E.
Reproduced with permission of Oscar Creech III.
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Building Baylor College of Medicine and Expanding Surgical Frontiers, 1948-1963
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Letters (correspondence)
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September 4, 1956
Dear Mike:
You will note from the enclosed clipping that our "medicine show" is now on the road. From here on, the Sabine River is the boundary and, gentlemen that you are, I know you and Denton will respect it!
John Overstreet told us of the magnificent arch resections. I'm a little put out, however, for now we will have to look elsewhere for a "first." Speaking of firsts, I am sure the statement in the paper is incorrect, for I vaguely remember a report by Bill Scott or someone in the South concerning a similar traumatic septal defect.
Things are beginning to take shape here. We have two or three small projects underway and work is going ahead on the new cardiovascular laboratory. The entire program is dependent upon procurement of the funds from the N.I.H. and I hope you will keep this in mind when the Study Section meets next.
Everyone has been most cooperative and George Burch has been particularly helpful. The most significant problem at the moment is the general lack of confidence in cardiovascular surgeons shown by our pediatric colleagues. It is apparently based on some miserable past experiences and is entirely justified. The case last Friday should serve notice that a "new team" has arrived. Dan operated on a congenital T.E. fistula last week in such a rapid and highly successful manner that everyone was amazed. We did a couple of femoral bypass procedures on Thursday, both of the patients being ideal candidates and the operations simple as could be, but oh! how impressed everyone was. Can you believe that this procedure had never been done at Charity Hospital?
I would really like to make a speech of gratitude to you for all the many things you've done for me but it would make this letter so long you probably wouldn't read it through, The thing I must say, however, is that I am most grateful for the opportunity and stimulus you provided me to develop as a surgeon. When I think back over the years since I left here it becomes apparent that in any other environment I would probably have accomplished nothing, Your constant example of high-principled aggressiveness, industry and curiosity afforded a perfect culture medium for a young surgeon. Equally important, your loyalty and eminent fairness in everything assured the security so necessary for good work. Finally, I needn't tell you how much I appreciate your significant efforts in my behalf with regard to this position here, I only hope that this Department of Surgery by its productivity will affirm your judgment and that what we do here will be a source of pride to you.
I wish you would convey to all the members of the Department my sincere thanks for the magnificent desk-set. It is just what was needed to dress-up Dr. Matas' desk!
You promised to send me your photograph - I have reserved the place of honor for it.
Looking forward to seeing you next week, and with kindest regards,
Sincerely yours,
Oscar Creech, Jr., M.D.
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