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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel I. M. Gage to Michael E. DeBakey pdf (1,242,442 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Lieutenant Colonel I. M. Gage to Michael E. DeBakey
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1942-11-29 (November 29, 1942)
Gage, I. M.
[DeBakey, Michael E.]
Courtesy of Katrin DeBakey.
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From Tulane School of Medicine to the U.S. Army, 1928-1946
Metadata Record Letter from Michael E. DeBakey to Lieutenant Colonel I. M. Gage (December 7, 1942) pdf (151,468 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Sunday, November 29th, 1942
Dear Mike:
Well it has been some time since I have had the pleasure of airing to you (and you airing to me) my thoughts and trials. I certainly do miss you very much, and hardly a day goes by that I do not think of you. I am so glad that you have a place near enough that you can go to the N.O. frequently. However that closeness will so be a great distance due to the rationing the life fluid of the auto. So I suppose you will have to go some of the Strong's scotch or stay put at the camp.
We are still here holding the fort together. We have been most fortunate in having a fine C.O. at the station hospital. They have been most considerate to the Tulane unit. All of the docs both medical and surgical have quite a bit to do though the week. I do very little except sit in the chief's office. I sign papers all day long and answer consultations. That is I ok the consultations. I have operated upon patients about five times since the 15th, of July. I do an occasional hernia, and one pilonidal sinus. One thing that we have introduced up here and that is cotton sutures and cotton waste. They all believe in the P.O. pressure of all the surgical wound. This alone is quite gratifying to me. I never let a chance go by in the discussion of cases in the staff meetings. As you can see by the above there is not much actual work to be had but plenty of opportunities to put out the bull.
I have heard from many sources that we are the best unit that has been at Fort Benning. All of the various officers give only praise to the unit. This makes me feel that all is not in vain. The only sad thing about the entire unit is that you are not with us. I would give almost any thing that I possess, if you were only along with us. I need you every day to help me get over the bumps. But with all of my efforts and growling they would not turn you loose until the unit had departed. Well such is life in Tulane.
I am so glad that the clinic is so busy. The volume of work that they are doing surpasses the amount that they expected in about three years. It seems that this was the perfect time to open it. I have been able to steer a few patients to the clinic from here. I was also able to sew up Meridian Miss. For the clinic the other day. Col. Royals brother Dr. Royals of Meridian wife was sick and I told the Col to have him to go to the clinic. He took his wife to Tyrone and has reported back to Clif that the clinic is the only place to go and that it was the best thing in the entire South. (capital for the south.).
Well Mike old dear I must stop this for the time being. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and wish you all the success in the world.
Please give my best to Dian and little Mike
With best personal regards
your old side kick
Mims Gage
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