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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

Letter from Major R. G. Holcombe to Michael E. DeBakey pdf (356,972 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Major R. G. Holcombe to Michael E. DeBakey
The format of the letter is that of a "V-gram", a canonical mode of letter-writing during World War II. For security and to save shipping weight, they were often microfilmed.
Item is a photocopy.
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1945-03-15 (March 15, 1945)
Holcombe, R. G.
DeBakey, Michael E.
Reproduced with permission of Anne Holcombe.
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From Tulane School of Medicine to the U.S. Army, 1928-1946
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1921-2007
SubSeries: A-Z [photographs], 1930-2007
Folder: G-H, 1935-2006
Dear Mike:
Your V . . . - Mail letter of 7 March has been received. I must admit that it is a classic example of precise phraseology and rhetorical perfection. The only criticism that I can possibly offer is that it is very uninformative -- certainly it "adds nothing to the existing knowledge on this subject."
I am glad to know that the files arrived in good order and trust that you are taking pictures of subjects other than granulating wounds.
Sanger's paper on thoracic surgery has been received and forwarded to the Annals of Surgery. A sample of the rayon dressing to which you referred is being obtained and will be shipped to Colonel Churchill upon its arrival here.
Have been over to see Diana and the children on a few occasions and they are making out all right.
Champ is back at Walter Reed now and is being kept in bed inasmuch as he had a bronsulfaleta retention of some 50 percent a few days ago. Since he feels fine and looks better than he has at any time since his departure for overseas, he cannot understand this unwarranted incarceration -- one might say that he is "fit to be tied". The period of bed rest, however, will probably do him good.
Your insurance has been taken care of as you requested, and I also made minor changes to Plank's article so as to include the references which we discussed prior to your departure.
I have just about finished the notes to appear with Frank Hetter's drawings. As you know, I am exceedingly slow at that sort of thing, even though the final product will be little more than a paraphrase of what is to appear in the new TB Med.
Hampton is on leave at the present time and should be back any day now to begin a tour of the installations in which the fracture cases are hospitalized. Low, in his usual efficient manner, has succeeded in locating a large number of these cases, and we are now preparing an itinerary for his tour.
Hoping that this note finds you in excellent shape and that you are not having difficulty keeping your feet warm and dry, I am
As ever,
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