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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

Letter from Alton Ochsner to Michael E. DeBakey pdf (2,381,647 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Alton Ochsner to Michael E. DeBakey
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1935-12-30 (December 30, 1935)
Ochsner, Alton
[DeBakey, Michael E.]
Reproduced with permission of John Ochsner.
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From Tulane School of Medicine to the U.S. Army, 1928-1946
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1921-2007
Folder: Ochsner, Alton, 1935-1942, 1978-1981, 2003
December 30, 1935
Dear Mike,
I was indeed happy to have your letter of November 30, which arrived while I was out of the city, and also to get the bill folder which you sent me. You should not have done this, because you need all the money you can get over there, but I can assure you that both Isabel and I appreciated our gifts.
We had a great Christmas, although we missed Akky a great deal. Isabel stood up pretty well under the strain all the time until Christmas Eve and then it seemed as if she couldn't go through Christmas without her oldest boy. I don't believe that he missed us very much, although we haven't heard from him since Christmas. He had elected that Isabel not come out, but that she come out some time later in the spring. He is also going to stay at the school and is not planning on spending any of the time with the Rudolphs, as he is looking forward with pleasure to being with his school mates.
We both had a great time at the meeting of the Southern Surgical Association. Isabel and I went up two days early and spent a couple of days with Hugh and Mrs. Trout in Roanoke, Virginia. You recall Dr. Trout, do you not? He was here a couple of years ago. We then drove with them over to Hot Springs, where the meeting was held, arriving there the afternoon before the meeting. The meeting was an exceptionally good one, although I didn't have much time to see much of my friends, because it kept me busy taking charge of things. Mr. Wallerich was there, and he asked about you. I asked him to send me a transfusion machine, because I wanted to send one to Dr. Rudolph in Tucson. He sent the machine, and I have sent it on to Roy, but as yet I haven't received a bill for it. I will write to him in a few days in regard to it.
Following the meeting Dr. and Mrs. Charlie Green, of Houston, Isabel, and I went to New York and spent three days with our friend, Joe King. We had a great time there taking in the shows at night and visiting the night clubs afterward. It was a great way to see New York, and Joe certainly showed us a good time. We left there Sunday night and came on the train to Roanoke, where we stopped and picked up our car. While there I bought a 1935 Chevrolet coach which had been used only a couple of months. It belonged to the wife of a doctor who was in the Veteran's Bureau Service and who had just been transferred to Colorado. The doctor's wife had just been operated upon by Dr. Trout for a ruptured appendix so that she couldn't drive her car. The car which sold for seven hundred and eighty-five dollars a couple of months before and in which they had subsequently put a radio and heater, I got for five hundred dollars. Isabel and I drove home from Roanoke in two days, a distance of ten hundred and sixty miles. We are crazy about the little car, and I feel that I got a bargain, because I was planning on buying a new small car as soon as I got home.
I was so happy the other day to have a letter from Professor Leriche, telling me how well you are getting along and how happy he is to have you in the Clinic. I thought that it was extremely nice of him to write to me, because it wasn't necessary for him to do so and was certainly an indication that you are making good, a thing, of course, which I knew you would do.
I am glad that you are going to give a presentation on blood transfusion and know that it will be well done. I guess that it is just as well that I won't be there to hear it, because I wouldn't be able to understand a word you said as long as it is going to be in French.
I was very glad that you got to know Professor Young so well. I was very much amused at your saying that you acted as interpreter for Professor Young and Professor Leriche, because it reminds me of the time when I went back to Clairmont's Clinic to help him entertain the British Surgical Society, and I had to act as interpreter. The amusing part of it was that Clairmont insisted on talking English, which was abominable, and the Britishers attempted to talk German, which was worse, so that it was extremely difficult to act as interpreter. Had both spoken in his own tongue, it would not have been at all hard. We shall be very happy to send Professor Young reprints and put him on our reprint list.
Mike, have you any idea where you want to go next year and when you want to be going? I think it is about time to start making arrangements for your next clinic, but would appreciate your letting me know what your plans are as far as Strasbourg is concerned. I believe that if you still want to go to one of the German clinics that either Gulecke's Clinic in Jena or Kirschner's Clinic in Tubingen would desirable.
With best wishes for the New Year from all of us, I am
Alton Ochsner
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