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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

[Michael DeBakey working in the family garden with his father and brother]
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Michael is at center of photo. Several of the DeBakey oral history interviews mention this--Don Schanche's 1972 series, in Box 2 of the NLM DeBakey Papers, has the most detail. In the transcript of Tape 1, p. 11, DeBakey says, "I loved to work in the garden. I won any number of prizes the community...I won first prize repeatedly!"; Transcript of Tape 2, pp. 10-13, covers this in more detail.
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ca. 1920s
Courtesy of Katrin DeBakey.
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Metadata Record [Oral history interview of Michael DeBakey by Donald A. Schanche (tape 1)] (January 3, 1972) pdf (2,367,017 Bytes) ocr (81,318 Bytes)
Metadata Record [Oral history interview of Michael DeBakey by Donald A. Schanche (tape 2)] (February 5, 1972) pdf (3,606,099 Bytes) ocr (125,034 Bytes)
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Photographic prints
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Series: Photographs and Artworks, [ca. 1908]-2007
SubSeries: Personal Photographs, [ca. 1908]-1991
Folder: DeBakey as a Teenager, 1923-[1926]
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