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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

Letter from B. A. Petrov to Mrs. Jitkoff pdf (63,981 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from B. A. Petrov to Mrs. Jitkoff
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1959-03-23 (March 23, 1959)
Petrov, B. A.
Skilfosovsky Emergency Surgeries Institute
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DeBakey as Medical Statesman
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Baylor College of Medicine, 1948-2008
SubSeries: Russia, 1959; 1971-1973; 1992-2003
Folder: U.S.-Russia Medical Relations, 1959, 1971-1973, 1996-2003
March 23, 1959
Dear Mrs. Jitkoff:
Since my return to Moscow I have tried to digest what we swallowed during our three weeks in the U.S.A. As we had thought, it would have been a great mistake not to visit your wonderful Houston and it would have been impossible not to visit Baylor University and the outstanding Professor DeBakey. I wrote him a letter, hut my English is so limited that I could not express my real feelings. In Russian I can express myself much better, and therefore I am asking you to help me and to translate these lines.
At the end of our trip we three surgeons were of the unanimous opinion that in all universities, in all clinics, by all surgeons we were not able to see more than we were shown by Dr. DeBakey during the two days in Houston. He overwhelmed us by his expertness as a surgeon, by his efficiency in his work, by his talent in organizing it, by his skill, by his energy, by his range of attentiveness and memory. He has so much charm, such wonderful manners, and is such an outstanding person. We all repeated very often that Professor M. DeBakey is a super surgeon, and he is Number One among the strongest and very best of scientists and surgeons of the United States.
We knew earlier about his work as we had met him in Mexico and in Leningrad, but this was the first time that we could see him in his everyday work, and I repeat that we were overwhelmed. Professor DeBakey is an unusual man.
Please tell Dr. DeBakey about my feelings of the very highest respect concerning his talents as a scientist and as an organizer, and express my gratitude for his hospitality and cordiality and for his wish to help us in our trip through "Surgical U.S.A." I should also like to send my greeting to his charming wife and to say thank you for the wonderful tea in their beautiful home.
signed/B. A. Petrov, M.D.
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