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The Michael E. DeBakey Papers

Letter from Michael E. DeBakey to President Richard M. Nixon pdf (120,367 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Michael E. DeBakey to President Richard M. Nixon
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1973-07-02 (July 2, 1973)
DeBakey, Michael E.
Nixon, Richard M.
White House
Reproduced with permission of Katrin DeBakey.
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DeBakey as Medical Statesman
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Baylor College of Medicine, 1948-2008
SubSeries: Russia, 1959; 1971-1973; 1992-2003
Folder: U.S.-Russia Medical Relations, 1959, 1971-1973, 1996-2003
July 2, 1973
My dear Mr. President:
I have just returned from a trip to the USSR, where, at the invitation of the Minister of Health, Academician Boris Petrovsky, I gave the Inaugural Lecture for the All-Russian Congress of Cardiology in Moscow last week. During that week I was also invited to visit Georgia by the Minister of Health of that Republic. I am sure that you have already received information about the response of the Russian people to your meeting with Mr. Brezhnev, but I thought you might be interested in my personal observation of the highly enthusiastic and spontaneous reaction of the Russian people to this historic event.
It was truly a heartwarming experience to hear, repeatedly, their impassioned sentiments about the signal importance of this meeting and its highly salubrious implications. At the Congress of Cardiology, both the President of the Congress and the Minister of Health pointed out solid accomplishments derived from your meeting with Mr. Brezhnev. In my Inaugural Address, it seemed appropriate that, as an American citizen and their guest, I should respond to their elation over the accord reached by you and Mr. Brezhnev, following which they gave me a standing ovation. Moreover, at the various luncheons and dinners held in my honor, toasts were always made in praise of the great impetus which you and Mr. Brezhnev have given to a closer and more harmonious working relationship between our countries, and indeed to World Peace.
As an American citizen, it gave me great pride to join with them in applauding your outstanding leadership in improving international relations and achieving world peace, as well as in toasting to your continued good health.
Incidentally, you will be interested to know that Academician Keldysh, President of the Academy of Science of the USSR, upon whom I performed an operation last January, has obtained a highly successful result and has resumed normal activities. He held a dinner in my honor at the Academy of Science, and in his toast to you and Mr. Brezhnev, pointed out that his own case represented the finest example of the humanitarian achievements that could result from the collaborative efforts of our two great nations.
I should like to add my own commendations to the many you have already received for your dedicated efforts to bring about world harmony so that all humanity, though cooperative effort, may reach our common goal of a better life for everyone. May God bless you and give you continued health, happiness, and fulfillment.
Yours sincerely,
Michael E. DeBakey, M.D.
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