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The Alan Gregg Papers

Letter from Alan Gregg to Roger S. Greene pdf (116,813 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Alan Gregg to Roger S. Greene
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1926-07-28 (July 28, 1926)
Gregg, Alan
[Greene, Roger S.]
[Peking Union Medical College]
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"Rockefeller Man" in Brazil and Europe, 1919-1930
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Letters (correspondence)
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July 28th, 1926.
Dear Greene,
Thanks for both of your letters. I thought the clipping about the Chinaman who surprised the Community by running off with the servant girl when he was considered to have been living happily with his wife and concubine, was delightful.
You ask me whether I shall be at the gathering of the clans. I have no official assurances or even unofficial hints as yet, although Gunn has told me that GEV remarked that we both ought to get back to the New York Office every once in a while; my impression is that two years makes nearly a "while", and my call may be coming; on the other hand I don't see how I can manage it for the time being. I have an assistant coming over in January, and my job will be to learn enough of what I am doing to be able to tell somebody else; that ought to take most of the month of November.
The "Lin" business was managed by Bakeman, who I think has probably retired permanently from his role of what you call "philanthropist". I rather agree with you about Russia especially in view of the fact that I am fairly sure that some pretty good people have stayed by there and deserve help; rats leave a sinking ship, quite frequently real people do not. Excuse the moralising and generalities of the statement.
We have had rather a hectic week here owing to the wanderings of the French franc. I cant pronounce the word "grenouille" without it becoming reasonably apparent to the cleverer type of Frenchmen that I am a foreigner, and Americans are about as popular as nothing at all here at present; in fact our unpopularity seems to have the same jagged curves that the franc presents. Thanks to M. Poincare it would seem that we are twice as popular as last week, but that, as has been pointed out to me, is not saying a great deal when all is said and done. I am gradually getting to the point though when I feel that I am not entirely responsible for all of my countrymen's behaviour; I am forced to this fact by the alternative which would be a funny house.
Have you heard of the physiologist who had four children and a wife who was a fundamentalist; they made a compromise by baptising two of the children and keeping the other two for a control.
I close with the sincere expressions of hope that I have not written you this one before,
Yours as ever,
P.S. A professor of Anatomy at Oslo married a female doctor; they both happened to be interested in embryology, as one might say, intellectually at the time. The good God rewarded them with a brace of twins which, as has so often been said before, shows the advantage of a college education and influence of mind over matter, etc.
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