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The Alan Gregg Papers

[Notes and forecasts] pdf (91,653 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Notes and forecasts]
Gregg jotted down these notes and forecasts before starting as Rockefeller's Director of Medical Sciences.
Item is handwritten.
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1930-10-08 (October 8, 1930)
[Gregg, Alan]
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Director of Medical Sciences, 1930-1945
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Oct 8 1930
Bill Cheney's story of the half wit in the Southern family who was told that when company came not to say a word or the visitors would know he was a fool. A guest asked him several questions to each of which successively he gave no answer. Finally guest in exasperation exclaimed "You're a fool." The half wit turned to his mother and said "Ma! he knew I was a fool an' I never said nothin'."
Lewis Hackett said today that Rajehman warned the Italian ministry of Foreign Affairs to beware of R.F., that they were pushing American personnel and selling American material. F Ministry asked Health Min. for list personnel and found that Paris green[?] was bought in Germany. Also Rajehman has pushed detailed plans for International Malaria School in Italy without saying a word to us. This marks the end of my confidence in him: at least I am on my guard.
Mason will be disappointed with my inaccuracy and my slowness. He is impatient of things because they lack clarity and usability. He is impulsive and courageous but not reflective, consecutive nor far-continuing in his thought. His sympathies are limited sharply to his own experience
and are deep and intuitive. He seems fond of Spoche who is slow and gentle and thoughtful. Mason likes to drive automobiles--accurate, mechanical, requiring close attention, and giving the sensation of change and progress. He meets people with a hard and direct look. Curses himself for not acting and thinking earlier--he is a man to whom Time and Movement are important. These rambling notes suggest things I'd like to know--
What are a man's satisfactions
small interests or hobbies--
What irritates him? What angers him?
To what qualities does he aspire or what does he admire in others.
What are the defects of his qualities
In what does he decieve himself in self-satisfaction?
What is childish in him?
What are his strongest motives--
My cue with Mason is to know a great deal and to be very clear and accurate in statemen--pointing always to what can be done--but not too soon, lest he check me for a virtue which in him is almost a fault.
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