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The Alan Gregg Papers

Letter from Alan Gregg to F. Elisabeth Crowell pdf (117,272 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Alan Gregg to F. Elisabeth Crowell
Item is handwritten.
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1930-10-10 (October 10, 1930)
[Gregg, Alan]
[Crowell, F. Elisabeth]
[Rockefeller Foundation]
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Director of Medical Sciences, 1930-1945
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Letters (correspondence)
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Friday Oct 10 1930
Dear Bessie:--
I've been here 8 days now and as you might suppose the uppermost feeling is one of strangeness to so many new people in the office. Getting adjusted takes time apparently--at least today seems to be the first time I've gotten a day's work done and according to my own taste.
Last Monday I had a long talk with FFR about you and your work. His mind is quite made up to the immediate and important advantage it would be to have your help in developing nursing in Europe, and in view of conversations twixt you and Mason and him and Mason I presume it's hardly news to you. I told him I thought his work wouldn't be a go without you and that your work wouldn't be a full blown success without further development and extension into the PH field. It wouldn't surprise me if he were to ask you to assume a formal responsibility for work in the GHD within a month or so. Obviously it rests with you and him to arrive at an agreement, but my feeling is that you would be right to see in this slow and deliberate action of his an opportunity to advance nursing farther and protect it
longer than is possible under the present M.S. program. As I told you I came here decided, in case no one in the RF wanted to back nursing in Europe beyond the present MS program, to try to reverse (and extend) that programs myself. That was based on my opinion of your usefulness and the value of nursing as you see it. A good deal better opportunity has come and I think you don't need a long letter to explain why it's preferable for you to take it on. Your keeping out of GHD if you chose to would be a poor background for me to argue from in support of overriding an M.S. program.
If I am invited to come to NY permanently you can count on me as much as ever, if I'm not, the same holds true. But because I see a bigger chance for you in the G.H.D. I should urge you, whether I'm here or in Paris, to take it.
If my efforts to help you deserve, the name of help you can use your cats whiskers to tell you why it was given--out of respect and admiration and affection, which you can continue to count upon whether I'm here or there.
Yours as usual
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